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How do I get my Zune to not only connect, but also to stay connected to my laptop?

Asked by JoyousLove (1458points) December 14th, 2016

I recently recovered my Zune 30GB from the mess that was my bedroom… I hadn’t used it in a couple years. And go figure, moments later, I was able to locate the cable for it as well! Anyways, that is wonderful and all… But I am having significant difficulty getting it to connect to my laptop and stay connected. Initially, it wouldn’t connect at all, so I went and found the latest Zune software, installed that, and plugged it in… It connected, but then disconnected again a moment later… And repeated that until I eventually unplugged it out of frustration.

It’s not the cable, as I am able to plug it into a powersource and it charges without interruption. It shouldn’t be the software, as it is the latest software. I’m considering doing a factory reset of the firmware on the zune, to see if that might help. Any other ideas?

And just some tech specs: I am on a Windows 7 machine, the Zune is running the 3.3 (39) software, and um… Honestly I’m not sure what else would be relevant in this situation. But just to throw it out there, I have in fact tried more than just one usb port. Same issue.

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Ah! I wish I had a non-subscription-based music collection so I could still use my Zune HD. Love that thing.

Installing the latest PC Zune Software might help. Here it is from Microsoft’s download center. It should run just fine. I did notice a bug sometimes on my machine, where the application would just show up as a blank window, and there would be some error message… can’t remember what it was. I eventually figured out that I just needed to resize the application’s window to make it larger, and everything would show up.

The PC Zune software should start up when you plug in the Zune, and that may help keep the device connected. You should also be able to have the software automatically sync your Zune with your computer’s music files (and if the software doesn’t find the .mp3 files’ location, you can change where it looks in the settings)... or you can just go through the device’s files manually once the connection is maintained.

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Unfortunately, as I recall, I was having this issue even with the software… However, the point is now moot as I have since re-lost my zune and subsequently its charge cable. Haha…

I appreciate the attempt to be helpful,however.

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