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Does music help you concentrate?

Asked by haegenschlatt (122points) March 13th, 2010

I sometimes listen to music while programming or working on homework. My parents occasionally advise me not to do so because it allegedly breaks my concentration, but I find it to be the opposite.

What about you? Does listening to music help or hurt your concentration?

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My husband is like you and I am like your parents. I think it just depends on the person.

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I definitely can’t concentrate with music playing. I’m easily distracted as it is.

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Music on headphones keep me focused. Kind of like being in a little booth, the work cubby.

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It does help my concentration.I always have music on :))

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I think it helps. If I’m constantly changing songs, though, which I occasionally do, it can be pretty detrimental.

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I find I can concentrate much better when I have music on. But it has to be relaxing music.

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I use only slow songs and cool artists. fast songs are distracting and i have to get up from studying and dance. Kool and The Gang are my favorite artists and i have just about worn out thier CD.

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Hi Lucy. glad to see your old Avatar is back. i liked the other, but it was intimidating.

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@john65pennington -I put that one up when I’m crabby.Lol!Here’s a song for you :)

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Thank you, Lucy.

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Nah, I can’t multitask that well.

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Koko Taylor…...that lady tells it like it is with the it.

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Yes it does help you concentrate and it also depends on the person.

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It depends on the music. Fast songs don’t do much to help my concentration, but I can put on something like this and get lots of work done. In fact, I think songs like that improve my concentration, and help me get things done faster.

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I have to have music to get me cranked up and focused. The louder and more rocking the better. The cd player is the first thing I turrn on and the last thing I turn off. Right now its Hinder, Take it to the Limit. Before that it was ACDC The Razors Edge.

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I live in an isolated area and I find the birds and trees are the best music when concentrating. Without nature, I do best with silence.

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It depends. Background-noise-type music works best for me. I have read somewhere that while classical music does sharpen your brain, music with lyrics distract—and I find this very true for me. Most of my favourite music is heavy on the instrumentals and the vocals are drowned out.

I have a playlist on iTunes for unobtrusive music that I listen to when I need to work on something. It’s easy to ignore it when I really need to concentrate.

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@YoH Oh that is really lovely… never thought of music in that way

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Generally yes, but it depends on the music. Much of my collection is percussive and fast; techno, metal, etcetera. If you but something like most pop music on, I will either be distracted or want to vomit. However, stuff like War Ensemble, Genie, Drowning Pool’s Bodies, or the Children of Bodom cover of Final Countdown tend to clear my head. Sure, I may lip-sync or headbang, but at that point I am so focused on what I am doing that I really don’t care.

Needless to say, this caused a few issues where I was allowed to use speakers (with a powered subwoofer) instead of headphones or earbuds :P

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I have listened to music in the past when working on a project or other activities but I listen to it mostly because I find that it relaxes me more than anything.

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Music without singing helps me concentrate; music with singing just tends to distract, especially when I’m reading. For the most part, that means classical. I rarely listen to other types of music while working on something. And of course, quiet classical works better than loud bombastic classical.

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Just like @Dominicx I work better with music without vocals or lyrics. I work very well with any type of instrumental music in the background.

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I’m like a few of the other posters. I love listening to classical music when studying…anything with singing is enormously distracting.

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I require silence when I need to concentrate.
Of course having ADHD and therefore defective filters, is the main reason why I need this.

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Yes! I can never do homework without music!

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