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How to upload VLC videos?

Asked by holiwi (85points) March 13th, 2010

I’ve recently recorded some concert videos and they immediately open with VLC Player (horrible audio). When I open them with Windows Media Player the audio works just fine. They also can’t seem to upload when they’re in VLC format, so how can I fix that? I’ve tried facebook and youtube and the videos just don’t even begin loading.

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What is the file extension on the videos? Is it something like myvideo.avi or myvideo.mp4 ?

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it’s .avi

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Download this:
Convert the video, and try to upload it again.

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AVI is not a VLC extension, the fact that VLC opens when you play the file probably just means that the .avi extension is associated with VLC media player on your system. You can fix that if you want to, pretty easily. Conversion of the file may be your best answer to upload…if the sites you’re talking about accept .wmv format files, then I can recommend Windows Live Movie Maker (free download)’s exceptionally easy to use. Also, I don’t think you’re locked into .wmv, either.

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Try window movie maker in your PC menu. Just import your file in it. Thereafter go to file menu and click Save Movie File than select The Web option. It will work I hope. Take Care!

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