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How to diagnose lymphoma?

Asked by jazmina88 (11647points) March 13th, 2010

I have had strange bumps under my tongue for years. Now bumps on right arm, eatin it up alive. Fluid in collarbone and lumps in breast and glands in front of armpit. My PCP has ignored me. Oral surgeon said “There is something there,no need to biopsy.“Going to oncologist surgeon to remove lumps. Got MRI of arm that will be read Monday. Only diagnosed with fibromyalgia. Went to blood hematologist who said i just normally have high white count, and teased about doin spinal tap. That sounds awful. Very frustrated with physicians. No pain meds. If the guy Monday doesnt get the picture, I have nowhere else to go.My sister died of leukemia in 1962.

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My husband had lymphoma. It is hard to diagnose, but what finally did it for him was ultrasound of his chest area, where all the lymphnodes were so swollen, but unseeable and untouchable any other way. Sadly, he was stage 4 when diagnosed, and although the chemo worked wonders, and I think he might have lived, the cancer was in his liver, and that is what finally was unable to be cured.

I do hope you don’t have lymphoma, but if you do, it seems to be one of the diseases that is more curable than most—depending on where it is. Wishing you the best.

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I understand how scared you must be. You have a heightened awareness of bodily symptoms and the loss of your sister to leukemia probably plays a role in that.

I know you feel the doctors are not taking your concerns seriously enough.

I am not qualified to offer medical advice and I hope that on Monday you get a clear answer.

You need to be prepared to accept either a confirmation of your fears and concerns or news that there is no evidence that you have any serious illness.

I hope you get good news and that you will be able to go ahead with your life without constant worry and doubt.

Let us all know what you find out.

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lymphoma symptoms: cough. night sweats. swelling. loss of appetite. exhaustion. rash.

i hope you be ok.

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i was told i have a torn bicep. I’ve known that since last august. They do not explain the fluid in my collar bone. I got “your lymph nodes are in your neck”.

that was from a nurse assistant this morning.

oh well, back to PT. lettin in go, yet again. going to firm up for colonscopy. I woke up during one and swore I’d never do it again.

still have loss of appetite, pain in neck and shoulders, cant use right arm, diarrhea. history of ulcers. feel full.

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i would change doctors…the people you are dealing with dont care. lymph nodes are from head to toe.

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I just made an appt. I see alot of specialist, but boy, I’m having doubts about most health care providers. some r overbooked, some r stupid, some r in it for the money.

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i got my bloodwork done and last nite my face blew up, my neck looks like a turkey, even my left leg is puffy, like a marshmellow. If i didnt have the dr. have of this physical tomorrow I would be in the ER right now. I hate hospitals. My sister was dying of leukemia while Mom was pregnant with me.

PT was so gentle to me yesterday, that was very strange. Tryin hard not to freak out.

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