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Why is ESPN making Brett Farve's retirement such a big deal?

Asked by rking1487 (494points) March 6th, 2008 from iPhone
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Because he has played for so long and he will be in the hall of fame as a great player

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Warren Sapp is a hall of fame and has similar numbers at his position. He is a great player but there have been a lot of great players that havent got the “love” that Farve has. I’m not a fan of his holding the team hostage every year either.

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because he’s viewed as a throwback to the “old school hero” QBs, like John Unitas and Bart Starr. He’s humble, not flashy, plays through pain (physical and emotional), focuses more on playing football than being on the cover of GQ, stays out of the headlines off the field, and above all—seems to still actually enjoy the game. I think he represents a lot of what’s still good in professional sports.

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I enjoy watching him play but him putting the team in limbo every off season is selfish. You can’t earn the right to be selfish in a team sport

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Interesting fact:
Most career touchdown passes: Brett Favre (445)
Most career pass interceptions thrown: Brett Favre (288)

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Farvre is a legend of the game, not just a player. 10 or 20 years from now Warren Sapp will be remembered by trivia buffs, but not the average fan.

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Because he has been on again off again for three years now. This issue will be affecting many teams if he chooses not to retire.

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