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Would You Choose To Go To School For Acting or Psychology?

Asked by delam (358points) March 13th, 2010

Hello, I’m just wondering if you had the choice between the two (realistically not in fantasy) would you choose to get an MFA in acting or a degree in psychology? Thank you.:-)

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As a PhD in Psychology who studied theatre arts as part of my undergraduate program, you can probably guess what choice I would make!

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Personally my dream would be acting but reality would probably send me to psychology when it comes to career prospects! Acting would be a dream come true!

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Drama Therapy.

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Yeah. Both. Although, I’d make a terrible actor (I can’t memorize worth shit), so I’d probably focus on psychology. Besides which, I’m really interested in human behavior.

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For me personally, I would choose Psychology as behavioral science is one of my interests. I graduated college with enough credits for a psych minor but I chose to only declare one minor.

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I studied Psychology in high school, and while I did enjoy it and I was good at it, I wouldn’t want it as a career. If I were offered the opportunity to obtain a degree in the dramatic arts, I would take it in a heartbeat. Even if I don’t make a good career out of it, if it’s a choice between the two I’d rather spend those years of study doing something I love.

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Psychology is acting.

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From what I gather, neither will be a great degree alone for getting work. Most psych majors find work in their field by obtaining a masters or PhD. An acting degree may never get you work due to the apparent “it’s who you know” nature of that field. Maybe with an advanced acting degree you’d be qualified to teach.

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