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What should I do to get a childhood toy back?

Asked by shpadoinkle_sue (7188points) March 14th, 2010

A long time ago, my grandmother gave me a wind-up ballerina toy that I would always play with when I went to her house. I asked her to keep it for me because I didn’t want anything to happen to it. One day, I noticed it was gone from her display cabinet. I found out that she’d forgotten that she’d given it to me and told my cousin she could have it. It was a sucky situation for awhile, but now I’m worried that she’s going to give it away or break it.

I’m not close enough with her to ask her for it back. Maybe I’m a chicken, but I think there’s easier ways to get it back. My aunt and uncle, my parents, and my grandmother know that it was mine to start with. I have next to no toys left from my childhood and it means a lot to me.

We’ve been in this situation before where things have been passed down and she didn’t take anything, so I doubt her connection to the toy. What action should I take to get it back?

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just ask her. tell her what it would mean to you. communication is the key.

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you dont have to be close to people just to talk to them. i imagine you both speak the same language?

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^^I agree with the previous answers.

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“I’m not close enough with her to ask her for it back. Maybe I’m a chicken, but I think there’s easier ways to get it back.”

I can’t imagine what an easier way would be, unless your grandmother would be willing to ask for it back on your behalf. She after all, is the one who originally gave it to you, and who then made the mistake of giving to someone else. So perhaps you could ask your grandmother to talk to her.

Other than that, the only way way would be to talk to your cousin. (Unless you creep into her house at night and steal it back, which I do not recommend.) If she is a reasonable person and you ask politely she will give it back.

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Ask your grandmother to do it for you.

I had an experience similar to this, when my Mother ‘loaned’ a table cloth crocheted by my grandma. to a cousin of mine and never got it back. It was actually supposed to be mine. We lost all contact with the cousin.

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It seems simple, I know. But my view is that we have no relationship whatsoever. I don’t think she’d give it back. She’s in North Dakota right now and the toy is in Oregon. I’m curious if I just ask my mother to grab it when she goes to my uncle’s house.

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Give me permission to speculate on a possible solution. If you currently need the item to remind you of your childhood, or as loyalty to your lineage, you can switch to the mentality of just remembering your childhood fondly, or honoring your lineage au natural: without the aid of an item. That puts the power in your hands, and not in the hands of an object. Afterall you are the ultimate living preservation of your mother and your heritage.

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Just ask her.If she tells you no,do what @chamelopotamus says.It’s the best way :)

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Have you talked to your grandmother? she is the key to having your toy returned. she gave it away and you should ask your grandmother to resolve the situation, by her asking your cousin for the toys return.

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Easier ways than asking? Like what? Do I hear Mission Impossible music in the background?

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Ask your cousin. If she is underage, ask your aunt/uncle.

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Make your cousin an offer she can’t refuse.

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@AstroChuck Yes, that’s the ticket.

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Unless your grandmother is dead, she should tell your cousin that she gave her the doll by mistake, that it belongs to you, and she would like for her to return it. She should then offer her some other family memento of greater or lesser value.

This is a problem that you encounter when you leave things at other people’s homes that are of value to you, but not to them. Things end up given away, in the garbage, sold at garage sales, etc.

My husband’s aunt offered me a gorgeous diamond brooch that she wore all the time. I felt bad about taking something so expensive, so I turned it down. She gave it to her hairdresser. I could kick myself.

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