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Thinking of making a sleeve for my iPad, what fabric should I use?

Asked by Elumas (3170points) March 14th, 2010

I just pre-ordered my iPad and I want to make a sleeve to protect it. I want to make it a cloth sleeve with a small pocket on the front. I’m basing my design off of this

I want a fabric that will protect the device, keep clean relatively well, and hold together with extended use. But I’ve only worked with fabric in home ec classes so I don’t know what to pick. What can you suggest?

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Are you going to sew or glue the material?

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Just from glancing at whatever your inspiration was, I would guess that is flannel. A flannel exterior would look nice, with maybe a really soft fleece or cotton inside (anything non abrasive inside so it doesn’t scuff the screen.

and I would sew it.

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@njnyjobs what would be more secure/stronger?

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Sewing the materials would definitely be more secure & stronger. That’s why all the clothing you buy in stores is sewn and not glued.

In fact, my g/f bought “seamless” panties from victoria’s secret, and part of the “seamlessness” is because the ends were glued. they broke apart within a week. she replaced them, and those broke apart too.

Needless to say, she brought them back, they were no longer being sold, and the person didn’t even ask to see a receipt the second time to do the return!

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It says that it’s made out of felt and leather, and that the pocket is the tanned leather. There are different types and grades of felt; you will want to use the thickest kind, which is not the craft kind. You could use a double layer of craft felt as an inner layer, and make an outer cover out of a interestingly patterned fabric.

You can find some really nice neoprene netbook cases at Office Depot or Staples that may fit your needs.

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I would go against flannel or anything with fleece as the shedding has the potetntial to build-up in the crvices of your device. I would use poly-microfiber lined with foam or neoprene with nylon fabric backing.

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Toilet paper.

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Kevlar then it can double as a bullet proof shield !

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@mrrich724: Your girlfriend is probably wearing the wrong size. Those panties are super popular and when they fit right, they last a hell of a long time but if they’re too small and tight the stress will destroy them.

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she’s 98 lbs. and wears an xs because the small is too big. which is really besides the point of the question and answer here.

the point is that sewing is stronger than fabric gluing. and I think that story illustrates my point really well considering all she buys is VS panties, and the sewed ones last and the glued ones ripped. and they are all xs. so the size is constant and the binding method is variable.

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Find a material that is either a poly/blend ( for example : cotton and spandex) . Do not get anything with hairs on it.( felt, etc) because the fabric would shed and possibly damage the electronic. and avoid any pure synthetic materials like polyester, leather, etc.. because the fabric will not allow the machine to breath when you store it. You may be baking the iPad literally! Get the cotton in a knit form with some polyster/spandex in it also. The cotton will let the machine breath. The polyster and spandex will provide durability and shape for the item. sewing would be better to prevent any melting /damage to the i pad. You can use different types of stronger thread and stitching to get better security.

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I think the polyblends etc are good recommendations if the iPad weren’t the gadget being used with the pocket.

Keep in mind, it’s a big iPhone. There are no fans, no intakes or exhausts, really there are no crevices for “fur” or “fabric shedding” or anything to invade other than the charge slot.

And it’s the same type of input as the iPhone. My iPhone has lived most of it’s 3 years in my pocket (yes, I’m still using the original 1st gen). And my pocket somehow magically produces more lint than anything, and the charge slot is like new. I just blow into it every once in a while.

OP . . . I wouldn’t sweat it so bad, as long as the material is protective and soft, it will work fine :)

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