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Do you have a story about getting something great for free?

Asked by ubersiren (15175points) March 14th, 2010

I once put an ad on craigslist in search of a free piano, and lo and behold, someone answered! Hauled it myself (with the help of friend-with-truck). All it took was some guts to ask for something and three minutes of my time to post the request and my wish was granted. And it’s actually in great shape and everything. I love my free piano!

What’s the story behind your great free thing?

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I won tickets to the premier of Halloween H2O years ago. That was awesome.

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My grandparents gave me a car. It was a Corolla, but it never broke down, and it lasted me my whole college career (and it’s now theirs again, but it’s still running!)

That and my scholarships to college.

Those were the best free things I’ve received.

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One of my Dad’s clients had a litter of 16 Labrador puppies. Seriously, 16! Well, not surprisingly, he was looking to part with some of them, so we got one, for free. My Dad named him Dakota, but my little brother was about 1 year old at the time, and referred to him as ”Doda”. The name stuck. :)

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I have a couple of interesting ones. Years ago I bought quite a lot of clothes for my girls at Macy’s and lost the receipt. I needed to return one small item and just took my Macy card statement with me. The clerk was so stupid she could not figure out how much the shirt with tax should be so she just credited the whole amount back to my account. I got lots of free clothes that day.

Another time my girls had flown home from Italy on Air Italia. The airline had given them a toiletry bag with samples in it. There was a sample of perfume in the bag that I fell in love with. It wasn’t available in the USA. I wrote a letter to the company in Florence, Italy asking how I could buy it. Several weeks later I received a box from the company with about 10 or 12 products full retail size. It was worth almost $1,000. I just couldn’t believe it.

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my life? gotta be some gift that!

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I stuck out my thumb for a free ride and got a husband!

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@janbb Really? I’d love to hear more about that!

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Oh – I’ve written about it here a number of times. My friend and I were in England studying for the summer and on the weekends we would hitchhike around. We were down in Cornwall and trying to get out of a town when he and his friends picked us up. They invited us back to the house of one of thier parents to spend the night. (This was many years ago.) I went back to England for a year of college and contacted everyone I had met; we started dating. The rest, as the story goes, is history.

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Yeah. Fortunately a shot of penicillin cleared that up.

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I am bummed that I haven’t gotten a deal like that! I would love a piano.

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The day before yesterday I left my iPhone on the top of the car and drove away. We realized it when the blue tooth stopped working. We went aroung and picked it up but it was pretty crushed.
We went to the apple store to get a new one. They told us it could possibly be repaired. Made an appointment and were told it would be $199. (Way better than a new one!) he would just give us a new one of the same model for that price. When he rung it up he said, ” oops, I must have made a mistake. Oh well, you seem like nice people.” he gave it to us for FREE!
(We were on vacation in Vegas so we felt like winners!)

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I’d love to do some Ubuntu promotion here, but I’ll restrain myself from doing more than this ;-)

Anyway, I often check our Dutch equivalent to ebay or craigslist or whatever, when I need something. For example, I still want a TV and can just do a search for items starting at €0 and plenty will come up. There are also specialized sites for this, such as The onlyl requirement often is that you have to pick up the item yourself (in fact, that’s what “Gratis af te halen” means: “free to pick up yourself”).

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are you kidding? That would have made my WEEK.

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@mrrich724, no kidding!

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