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Best Infomercial products?

Asked by maybe_KB (669points) May 11th, 2009

What product ‘As Seen On Tv’ Is the best? How about the worst?
Which one do you want? Or better yet which one don’t you already own?

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Set it, and FORGET IT!

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I’m a big fan of Oxy Clean. But you can buy that in stores now.

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I will never buy anything “as seen on tv” but the Sham-Wow guy cracks me up. I don’t think he takes himself seriously. How could anyone?

I guess whether he’s serious or not defines whether I’m laughing with him or at him.

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I’m with JP… OxiClean is the shit.

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It turns out The Perfect Pancake sucks. Not only does the batter fall out the sides, but you can only make one pancake at a time! So. Shitty.

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Watch the show Pitchmen in the discovery channel. It is interesting. And depressing.

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The Jiffy Steamer!! OR the magic bullet, snuggie, sunsetter retractable awning, ANY knife set that cuts through a hammer, SHAMWOW…There’s a store at my mall called “as seen on tv” it sells everything sold on tv!!

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I only saw it once, but I am in a Tempurpedic Matress infomercial so I so i have to say it’s the best :-)

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I own a magic bullet but I never use it to cook anything. I want the airbrush make-up thing, Luminair. It looks cool but I don’t trust it.

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I love my Vidalia Chop Wizard It’s the only as seen on TV thing I own.

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@qualitycontrol We also have that store in one of our malls. It’s kind of fun.
I want that thing that grows tomatoes upside down. I’ve also considered buying the P90X exercise program.
My mom has that chop thing. It’s soooo stupid. First you have to cut everything into chopable size pieces. It only kind of chops certain things. It’s just so pointless.

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I like the Table-Mate but that pasta cooker where you just pour boiling water in and wait is the pits.

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