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Imagine you are a billionaire, what price would you refuse to go higher than to purchase a vehicle?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26879points) April 8th, 2014

The question is straight forward. The vehicle is limited to anything that can be driven for personal use, so tractor trailer rigs, industrial dump trucks, tractors, buses, etc. however motor coaches and mobile homes can be included. What is the very top price you would pay if you were a billionaire?

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10 million.

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For cars,

15 million, if new.
20 million, if vintage.

For a tank,

100 million

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^ C’mon now, when have you seen a tank used as a personal vehicle, unless you are Chuck Norris?

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I am somewhat frugal so I would buy a Hennessey Venom GT with a base price of $950.000

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I doubt I’d go over $100k. The Tesla Model S is around $71k base, and R34 Skylines aren’t much more.

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Even if I am a billionaire, why would I want to overpay for anything? I want to stay rich, after all.

I would pay whatever the normal going price is. Not more.

If you are asking whether I would move from my (current) chevrolet to (for example) a Rolls Royce – not, not at all.

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C’mon now, when have you seen a mobile home with an engine, let alone one being driven around for personal use?

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@Hypocrisy_Central Arnold Schwarzenegger owns his own tank

I’m like @jerv and @elbanditoroso – I wouldn’t go over maybe 120K. I know there are Ferraris and Lamborghinis that cost more, but they’re overpowered for American roads anyway, even if I wanted to drive fast enough to do them justice.

If I were a billionaire I might want to be involved in Formula One racing, so I might spend a couple million on cars, but that would be a business expense, and I wouldn’t drive it.

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I would have an amazing garage with plenty of space and the best tools to turn a variety of classic rust buckets into something special. 500k would probably do it.

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If I were a billionaire, I could afford and would spend any amount on any car I wanted. And if I were exactly the same person I am now, neither price nor overpayment would be of concern to me.

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@zenvelo You might want to try 24 Hours of Lemons to get your racing fix without being a billionaire. All cars must cost $500 or less including any mods, though mandatory safety equipment like the rollcages, fire extinguisher, and such do not count towards that $500 limit. Where else will you see a Miata with a pull-start snowmobile engine? Just finishing the race without blowing up requires more engineering skill than F1; actually winning is harder!

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Not a penny over $250,000 for a 1932 Cord.

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What? How do you think I became a billionaire? By overpaying for things I don’t need?

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Not over $50k probably, I’m such a tightwad even that’s really out of my comfort zone.

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$2 million

If I’m a billionaire, I figure I can afford a few self indulgences such as a dream car or three.

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I’m aging, rapidly. If I were a billionaire at this point in my life, I would not be worried about keeping. The point of having it is not having it. The point of having it is what I can get/accomplish with it. I want a Bentley, a Pierce Arrow, a herd of wild Mustangs some hard top some floppy tops. I would want to visit Jay Leno’s garage to get some ideas.

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About $65,000 for a 2014 Infiniti Q70 Hybrid to start.

Upgrade as needed.

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If I were a billionaire somebody else would be driving me. Be it an automobile or an aircraft I would be in the back doing things that would make you all happy that I had a sober driver.

As far as cost goes, I’m a billionaire. Why would I give a fuck?

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I agree about someone driving me, @Blondesjon. Definitely. I was just ordering a new ride while I adjust to the new money.

I’m sure I’d be a might paranoid and order something along the lines of the Pope Mobile, eventually. Not the visibility part, but the indestructibility part. Billions makes you a potential target.

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$0… I don’t drive… unless I can get a car with good A/C and satellite radio and keep it parked somewhere.

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Probably somewhere in the neighborhood of 2 million if it was for an exotic sports car. If I was a car collector and it was for a famous collectible automobile that I really wanted for my collection, I might go as high as 5 to 10 million.

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@Darth_Algar C’mon now, when have you seen a mobile home with an engine, let alone one being driven around for personal use?
My bad, it was late and I meant motor home, I was thinking mobility at the time.

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I certainly wouldn’t pay any more than the vehicle was actually worth. If I was going to buy a car I’d have to employ a chauffeur as well, because I can’t drive.

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Actually, @Hypocrisy_Central I had a friend who was paid to drive a Wealthy Texas Oilman and his guests around the country in a luxury motor home. He would take them up to Colorado, Wyoming, Montana and even into Canada on extended hunting trips. He drove, prepared the meals, cleaned up after them, whatever was requested, while they drank their way northward and then hunted elk, buffalo, exotic game, whatever had been arranged to entertain them once at their destination.

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Where can I sign up for a cush position like that!?!

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He enjoyed it for a couple of years.

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At some point such a purchase becomes art patronage.
There are few practical reasons (related to research I suppose) for the Bugatti Veyron to exist, but it is an example of extreme craftsmanship.

Personally I would probably not purchase anything more exotic than a Tesla, which is admirable for all kinds of practical reasons

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Nice! I want one of those too.

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My vehicle tastes are modest, I could care less about Mercedes and BMWs but I would buy a nice Audi. I love Audis. Also a really nice truck for going back to country living. I don’t like SUVs.
Forget jewelery and ostentatious homes, I would continue to spend my billions as I have always spent my money, on travel, good food, my animals and art/home decor. as my preferential purchases.

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I would like to buy an old missile silo and convert it into a luxury shelter.

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