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Immigration with U.S. Social Security disability?

Asked by margot23annie (131points) March 15th, 2010

I get SSDI and Medicare for bipolar disorder. I am age 56, and have always wondered about immigration to Canada or one of the E.U. nations. Is it impossible? Would I be able to continue getting SSDI and Medicare in another country? Would I ever be eligible to get citizenship, and qualify for disability and medical care in one of these countries? I am not very hopeful that this would be possible.

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Sorry to say its very doubtful if you would be eligible for any of those things over here. Its very difficult to move to another country when over a certain age. I’d like to have moved to Canada, ( my brother is a Canadian citizen ), but at 57 and not able to “tick all the boxes” that would be impossible.

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No you would not be able to continue to receive what you are currently receiving if you change your residence to another country.

Whether you would qualify in another nation for their social programs can only be known by researching that specific country.

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You can live in a foreign country and still receive your SSDI benefits, but you cannot change your nationality. I have a friend on SSDI who lives in Mexico and loves it.

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