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Is Torrent Episode Downloader legal?

Asked by jdogg (871points) March 6th, 2008

There is a freeware program on windows marketplace that says it downloads tv shows. Further more i dont exactly know what a torrent is but is it legal??

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Torrents in and of themselves are not illegal. The distribution of copyrighted works without permission to do so is.

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aaronblohowak, your rite, but you have to also understand that the location of the web servers that host the torrent files are in different country’s with completely different laws that are not the same as the US….

And jdogg, the downloader isn’t illegal, its the location of were you obtain the torrent file from, and its contents.

example: i could make a torrent of family pictures, upload it to a site, and it is ok.
But now if i do the same thing, but now with a piece of pirated or cracked software, it would then be considered illegal in that sense.

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iceblu: you are right about the content vs the method of transport, which was the point i was trying to make. you have to also understand that while downloading a torrent, you are most frequently also uploading the torrent to other users, which is distribution as well.

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i know, believe me, i have (before demonoid got shut down) download roughly 2TB’s or media and uploaded around 1.1 TB’s

But if he downloads legal torrents then its ok for him to upload, which is good practice. He just has to watch out for illegal ones.

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so my question is still should i download it…i mean its from windows marketplace and i emailed them and asked if all there freeware is 100% legal and they said yes but still i just wanted to be safe. Heres a link.

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Just download the torrent thing no one really cares what you do on your computer, they gave up on busting people for illegal downloads a while ago

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