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What do guys or gals need to get rid of from their place before bringing a date home?

Asked by njnyjobs (7582points) March 15th, 2010

So you’re done with the pleasantries and have been waved to 1st base. Thinking ahead and reviewing the play in your head you realize that you got stuff out in the open back at your place. How will you play it so you can advance to the next bases for the run?

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Their parents.

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Their husband/wife.

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Number one are the pictures of old girlfriends or ex-wife. nothing starts a new relations on the wrong foot than old girlfriend pictures.

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Keep their bondage materials out of sight for the first date.

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I’d have to throw them to the floor right then and there.

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Period panties hanging to dry in the bathroom.

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Forgot to mention trash. it suggests that you are a trashy person. bring in a bulldozier and clean the place. replace the trash with something that smells good, like a lighted candle or air freshner. you know your place needs it.

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Dog hair carpets

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That “little black book” of past dates you have “scored” with. an immediate turnoff.

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@rangerr good one there

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Garbage- lying around, emptied from can if stinky.

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The mess.

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It’s no use, even if I put the cats out they paw the window to be let back in, usually just about the time that my paws are busy! :-/
Then it’s “AAAAWWWW cute cats “ :-/
Other than that maybe car parts off the kitchen table! Lol…....

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The spy-photo collage of the girl you are bringing home surrounded by candles and newspaper clippings.

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Believe it or not, I would make sure the so-called “best friend” or roomie was out. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been hit on when I was the date and the other person never knew.

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I’d have to give the kids $40.00 to go bowl 5 games to start and the wife $500.00 to go shopping so at that price the date better be hot as hell!

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@Cruiser at that rate, I can get a room at the Marriott 4 or 5 times…

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People don’t seem to appreciate my Chucky doll. But I’ll be damned if I’ll hide him.

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It goes like this…
From the door to the bed. Ok I usually cook something first.
Any complaints, then you miss out. You know how to come in, you will have no problem finding your way out.

My point is. Unless there is a naked woman laying on my sofa. Nothing else is any of her business. Unless showing a positive interest. If there is an issue, then she is an issue.

So except for the fact that I might not have vacuumed yet. All is good.

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* Garbage
* Head-gear on the bedside table
* Pics of exes
* Strange shrines
* Mantra stickies on the bathroom mirror
* Old Color Me Badd cds
* Framed 8×10 of mom or dad

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@njnyjobs A real nice room with a jacuzzi too!

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The “50 Step Guide To Getting a Woman”.

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Is there anyone here who understands that this is lying to the person because you are pretending to be something you’re not? You totally misrepresent yourself by following these fabulous suggestions. How about these as an alternative:

“I am looking forward to your coming over. I am a slob. I haven’t done laundry in a month. This is the third day I’ve worn the same underwear, because I’m also lazy as fuck. If this bothers you, please delay being repulsed. I bought you dinner and drinks, and am rock hard. I need some relief. Besides, you owe me.”

“Also, I might have a photograph of an ex lying around somewhere (like on the floor beside my bed with a suspicious dried substance clinging to the frame and used Kleenex balls thrown onto the floor). I haven’t completely let her go yet, but I was hoping you might be the one to save me. That way, I can glob onto you without ever having to do any inside work, even though I know I’m whacked in the head. So, uh… about it?”

“Yeah, um…..I’m not really looking for a relationship. I kinda just wanted to fuck, so under these circumstances it seemed ridiculous to do a lot of cleaning to the place. You game?”

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@phillis You are so right on! Much lurve!!

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I mean…....damn! Don’t insult me by lying to me after I just gave your ass first base. That alone is grounds for immediate dismissal. It’s fucking rude and skanky.

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Removed by me

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I see the humor in the not cleaning up comments but I don’t think there is anything wrong with showing you care enough about their coming to tidy up a bit as a gesture for them and their comfort and benefit. I find it difficult to believe anyone would label an individual based on the single first visit. Very few people live in a single perpetual state.

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check your toothbrush is it public viewing material.
crispy sheets.
clean kitchen and kitchen sink
no bathroom clutter.
toilet roll is on roll
scented candles
nice music
interesting coffee table reading
good coffee percolating
I know I added things you should have around loll.

p.s. kitty litter cleaned

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Send Mama home

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Dirty laundry lying about.
Dirty dishes lying about.
Scraps of paper with names/phone numbers written on them.
Business cards of strip joints/escort services.
Porn site tabs still open on computer.
Used condoms left in bathroom wastebasket.
Clothing items belonging to other men/women.
Evidence of drug use.
Unwashed sex toys.

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@Naked_Homer My comments were intended to address the more extreme changes suggested, that deviate significantly from the perpetual state of a given person’s daily life. I clearly said “slob”. When you are a slob, “tidying up” is taking comedic license, which makes your comment humorous as well (particularly given the fact that pussy is the motivator. That’s just plain funny).

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@phillis – I clearly said “I see the humor” meaning exactly that. I felt your examples were either exagerated for effect and were funny as such, or not, in which case I found them to be jokes. I also “clearly” indicated that “their comfort and benefit” were the reason and not “pussy.” You declared that.

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Actually, the question clearly stated that. I responded to what I was handed :)

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You declared that in reference to my statement. I clearly addressed my own intentions. I never said your original answer wasn’t addressing the question.

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have I wronged you some how. I was not trying to put your answer down. I didn’t mean what I wrote about your answer in a negative light.

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I’m not angry in the least. It is ridiculously easy to misunderstand someone on the internet, especially when you aren’t familiar with them. We’re good, Homer. Absolutely! No harm, no foul :)

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Way cool phillis. I enjoy your participation to much to be on your wrong side. Thanks!

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