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Am I the only person who thinks Dhalila from the radio station is bonkers?

Asked by Pandora (29497points) March 15th, 2010

Its funny how many couples call and say things like I work long hours and hardly get to spend time with my partner and we’ve grown apart ( or something similar) and her response is always, the same. Leave your job. Like as if in this economy its so easy to just up and leave and as if living on welfare or in the street is going to bring them closer together. On any given night, I’m sure she will advise one couple to do just that.

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Her show is simply annoying (IMO).

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omg lololololOLOLOL THIS QUESTION MAKES MY DAY/WEEK/MONTH. I absolutely cannot stand her. Most annoying voice ever. Here’s…a little song we’re going to dedicate to Martin from Kansas…he’s a little lonely tonight and, well, Martin, we all really hope you feel better. quoth the raven. i laugh loudly everytime i come across her.

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The songs she comes up with for some of the callers’ situations are completely off. I think she only looks at the titles.

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I don’t think she’s bonkers, but she’s extremely annoying! I never listen to her show. She’s SO full of sugar & sweetness it makes my teeth hurt.

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We used to put her on at night when we were working to help pass the time. We would laugh at all the hilarious advice and the way she said things so seriously to people.

I also would watch Jim and Tammy Faye Baker for laughs. It was like the first reality show. I miss that.

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@autumn43 Disturbing. LOL

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My husbands cousin, practically goes into convulsions when he hears her voice. Your not alone. LOL

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Yet we have all heard of her, listened to her, which is something you have to go out of your way to do. There’s a mass appeal that might taste a bit like Jerry Springer or the housewives of (your city here). We all like to hear about the strife of others, ESPECIALLY where relationships are concerned. She has tapped into that and, unlike others, has maintained a level of decency about it. It’s hilarious in every way, but quite innocent and sweet.- I think.

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Good Point, but actually I love the music selection. There usually is a little bit of everything but the music is easy going for the evening.

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Which radio station?

Have I been living in a cave ? I’ve never heard of her. But it sounds like I’m not missing much :)

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I like her show, I like the music, guess it’s just me

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I’ve never heard of her. I’m torn between wanting to listen so I can say what I think, and knowing that stuff like this annoys me in a very disproportionate way.

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For those who want to listen go to this link and on the right you will see where you can listen to her live broadcast. Have to go through a commercial first.
OOPS, I think her show is before midnight. Try between around 7 pm. to midnight, eastern time.

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