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What is the yiddish word for "in the wings?"?

Asked by warpling (841points) March 16th, 2010

There is a yiddish word/phrase I can’t quite remember for saying say “He’s waiting in the wings,” as in he’s in the reserve, ready to go…

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I looked and looked and looked and I wasn’t able to find anything. I don’t have acc… Oh wait, I do. I may be back.

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I really don’t know but I went to the English to Yiddish translator I frequent and got the following for the word “available”: bimtsies & faranen. I also tried the following but had no luck: “reserve”, “stand-by”, “reinforcement”. Good luck to you. See ya…..Gary/wtf

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If the phrase exists (and I doubt it), neither of my grandmothers nor great-aunts ever used it. Maybe because theatrical metaphors were outside the typical Jewish immigrant experience.

Now, if you’re talking “potato pancakes in your trousers,” we have “latkes in your gatkes.” I have no idea what it means. Maybe being impatient, like “ants in your pants”?

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I’m also coming up empty on this one. And I’ve exhausted my resources.

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Possibly “Shabbos Goy”? He’s the guy (non-Jewish) whom you hire to do all your chores on the Sabbath. He will turn your TV and lights on and off, for example.

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@gailcalled And don’t forget crapping in the ocean! “Geh kak afen yam.” Ain’t Yiddish great? :-)

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@dpworkin will know when he’s around. He’s the Yiddish maven. (I’ll send this to him.)

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I got it! I got it! My brother the Yiddishist knew the answer. The phrase is “inter der colisem.”

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