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The weird things women do for other women: What’s the weirdest thing you ever did for you best girlfriend?

Asked by Espiritus_Corvus (17232points) March 16th, 2010

From handing a bit of toilet paper to a complete stranger in the stall next door, to sharing each other’s clothing: women are known to be much less inhibited and more practical than men in helping their own sex out of an intimate jam.

What are some of the more bizarre things you’ve done to help your best girlfriend out?

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I took some naked pictures of her in different positions , so she could make a photo album for her boyfriend.

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I don’t think any of it is sex/gender specific (but I usually think this) but there was this one time one of my best friends call me from Minnesota crying and screaming about how her girlfriend just overdosed (suicide attempt) and that I had to figure out how to get into her apartment (this is 3am in the morning, I am 2 hours away from their place) or at least get the police over there. I was all kinds of confused but I did my best with calling 9–11 and then later the hospital and her siblings.

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I made out with my best friend, in highschool, in front of a creepy guy who was trying to hook up with her. She didn’t like him, and neither did I. We made our point.

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Handing toilet paper to a stranger is weird? Sharing clothes is weird? I don’t think those are weird. Are you a man @Espiritus_Corvus?

I didn’t do it, but one of my close friends got a bucket for her best friend right before she had to go walk down the aisle, because it was too much time and work to deal with the dress and going to bathroom on the toilet. The bride peed in the bucket and the wedding started on time.

Friends have done things for me, like when I was completely a mess from a break up with a boyfriend, my best friend I lived with (actually the same friend as the one in the above story) asked me if I wanted to sleep with her, I did lie down with her for a while. Man, she is an amazing friend, she really is.

Not sure what I have done that might be perceived as weird or unusual, nothing comes to mind right away.

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passing toilet paper from stall to stall violates a man law. It’s along the same lines as “don’t talk to me while I’m holding my junk and peeing”. Every guy knows this.

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Let’s see, I have held back the hair of many girlfriends while they puke.
Numerous times I have tagged along on dates that my friends didn’t want to be dates. “Oh great you want to go to the movies! Jane will be so excited to go with us, because you know we are just friends!”
I have played the lesbian girlfriend, to get a guy, who couldn’t take a hint, to back off.

My friends have done some pretty crazy things for me too.
One blended my food for me when I couldn’t eat solids after my surgery.
Another friend ped egg’ed my feet for a whole hour (I have dancer’s feet)
Just this weekend, to cheer me up a friend drove up 4 hours so she and I could take a bath together (not naked) and play with foam.
Another friend felt my breasts for a lump I swore I felt!

The list is endless.

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@shego and your point was to make him say “there is a God?”

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this is of course, trying to see both perspectives because I’m not sure most guys I know would have minded if two girls started to make out in front of them. No offense.

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I have felt my friends new boobs after breast augmentation, is that weird? That has happened with three different friends of mine.

@ZAGWRITER LOL! It was on fluther that I learned the men’s room is the quitest place on earth. That men do not talk to each other, except maybe at the sink, maybe. I have to find that old fluther thread.

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Lol yeah but he never bothered her after that.

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@ZAGWRITER is correct, there should be absolutely no verbal or visual communication in a male restroom. It’s just proper etiquette.

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ah yes, the ‘man law’ – love it

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I guess it is because they are standing next to each other and can see each other or something while they are at the urinals? I can’t find that old thread, it was so long ago.

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Shouted “DILDO” late at night from my high-rise apartment balcony for no good reason. It made her happy.

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@JLeslie yes, I remember the thread – illuminating, for sure

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Times like these I am glad to be a woman.

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@JLeslie I can’t find the thread either, but you might enjoy this. Ahh, us men are silly creatures.

Wow, this thread got way off topic. I promise to stop now. :)

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@jeffgoldblumsprivatefacilities There was a link on that other thread testing what urinal you pick, and if it is the right one, or something along those lines. LOL. Man, I feel bad for boys born to single mothers, we are clueless of these things. I guess young boys figure it out fast, I’ll stop too.

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Ok, I have to say one more thing on the topic, didn’t Richie, Fonzi, and some of the other guys used to talk in the bathroom at the diner? No wonder all of this is surprising to me.

I thought of another that might be weird, I worked for a bra company and measured women and saw them topless all of the time, including some friends. One time a friend of mine was staying with me and she had on a bra that was way to big for her, so I gave her one of mine to wear for the day.

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We were at a concert, and her favorite band was going to come on any minute. We were in the very front of a VERY crowded mosh pit, but she had to pee. If she went to the bathroom she would never had made her way back up front.

Me and another friend asked everyone around us if they had a cup, and when we finally found one, we helped her and covered for her so she could pee in it and not miss the show.

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@IBERnineD after your post I just thought back to a couple “dates” I had… glad I didn’t know what you just said while I was on them. I am embarassed enough now as it is.

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Oh and another thing is women and tampons.
If you need one, you could ask just about any other woman and they’d be happy to give you one of theirs.
It’s kinda like the “We’re all in this together” type of thing.

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@squidcake True. Tampons are kind of like leave a penny take a penny.

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Knocked on hotel doors during spring break trying to find a tampon a friend.

Taught one how to pee outside.

Pretended to be one’s girlfriend so a man at a bar would go away.

Drew a road map for a boy so a friends first time wouldn’t suck.

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I escorted my friend to her first obstetrician appointment when she was pregnant with her first child. It was her first time at an OB/GYN.

Nothing like holding your friend’s hand when an old, creepy looking male gynecologist is shoving random plastic instruments inside her.

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I’ve done the toilet paper handing thing. Women’s bathrooms are like confessionals or therapy sessions. I’ve heard a girl crying in the other stall and asked her what was wrong and she told me alllll about what was bothering her. I think it helps when the other person can’t see you. It’s like you’re anonymous. It makes it easier to share everything.
I also tagged a friends-ex-boyfriends car after he cheated on her. (It was with car chalk for crying out loud.) He called the cops, but they never bothered to show up or call us.
I’ve called them at a certain time to get them out of bad dates.
I drove two hours to talk to my best friend when her first boyfriend dumped her. We talked for a few hours, then I drove two hours back home.
We’ve shared clothes.
I broke into my friends garage to move her car while she was out with a boy she wasn’t supposed to be out with. She’d told her mom she was somewhere else, but remembered her car was at home since he picked her up. I moved it to the campus parking lot.

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@Allie: chalk can be used for vandalism. The cost of the vandalism might be low ($50 to have the car washed and waxed) but imagine if you shoplifted a $50 item from a store.

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On the lines of passing toilet paper… And, I am not a woman.

Me and my friend were taking a piss. We were in a bathroom, mens rooms have urinals side by side.

We were drunk… He is cracking up. I am alike, what? What? Then I notice he’s pissing on my foot!

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@malevolentbutticklish It’s not normal chalk, it’s car chalk. It’s made to come off with soap and water.

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My friend rang me at 4am to say she thought someone was trying to break into her home. .... what could I do about it? ... she lives 400 miles away!

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@partyparty My best friend did too. She called to tell me a scary man was banging on her door in the middle of the night. I was 6 hours away. I told her to call the cops and then I got my parent to go to her house. So glad everything turned out ok, bc now I get to rag her about for the rest of her life.,

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I’ve done a few things. One that comes to mind, is a Muslim friend of mine. She asked me to buy her a vibrator. So off I went bought it and got into my car. Which was parked in a huge parking area. I had just been to call on a client who was also Muslim. When I started going down the ramp the gift wrapped dildo started vibrating, so I stopped the car, tore it out of its wrapping and threw the batteries out. Much to shocked people behind me. On top of it all, I had left my brief case, so had to ask the Muslim client to collect it form the sex shop loll.

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I’m hooking her up with my boyfriend’s bestfriend, and they live 50 miles from eachother lol to me it’s insane!

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When my friend was pregnant, she went to the therapy classes (you know the ones that help with positions and breathing techniques) and her husband was supposed to be her partner till he broke his ankle 3 days later and couldn’t walk. So I took his place and helped my friend, all 12 of them ;)

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I haven’t done it yet but the weirdest thing I have offered my friend is my uterus. My friend cannot have children she was born with some disease. So I promised her that when she was ready to be a mommy all she had to do was call and she could borrow my uterus. I also promised that I would be the best surrogate in the world.

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I just realized I said “all 12 of them” I meant all 12 sessions of being her partner.

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@Shae I’m glad it happened to someone else. What did they think we could do for them? LOLL

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