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What are some articles I can write on my travel blog?

Asked by sarah029 (4points) March 16th, 2010

My blog caters to destinations in the East and South Asia

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Are you traveling on a budget? If so, write a story teaching others how to do it.

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Be a food writer with lots of local color.

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I’d want to read about pragmatics (very specific things to pack and bring), good food on the cheap, other budget finds and places that are out of the ordinary and not included in every other travel blog.

I’d also want to know what the demographic for your blog is. That will dictate how you write about things.

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do’s and dont’s for tourists as recommended by locals.

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Feature interesting and off the beaten path type travel destinations.

Like Tokoko Natl. park in Taiwan where I just returned from last week.

I had an opportunity to go visit friends on biz. over there for 3 months. What a cool place!

Taipei city was wild and Taroko park home to the indiginous people that were headhunters untill the last century!

Sub tropical climate, used to be called Formosa.

Fascinating island!

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Oops..meant Taroko. Haha

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Study all the reviews that exist on the internet and try to prove or debunk them. I am a member of yelp, and I try to visit the places that are featured in my area, then blog about my opinion, or the owner’s responses.

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If you have started a travel blog you surely must have some ideas. If you have some topics and would like some exciting articles to be written, you can hire content writers. That’s what I do. If you run out of ideas, you could still hire a content writer. My content writers usually come up with creative ideas for my blog. You can find them at

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