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How can I buy wholesale from recognized brands?

Asked by polycinco (187points) March 16th, 2010

i am wanting to sell stuff from other brands but I need to know how or where to buy wholesale of stuff?

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What kinds of stuff do you want to sell?

Typically you need to contact the manufacturer directly and request a distribution contract.

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You can usually go directly to their website. They usually expect you to have a resale number in order to get the wholesale price, and buy in bulk.

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I want to sell skateboard clothes and accesories

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I typed skateboard clothes and accessories wholesale into the search box, and found dozens of sources. Your favorite charity will receive a donation based on every search you make using Goodsearch.

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Just wondering if we can correct grammar in the general section too? “Want” is a stative verb – you either want something or you don’t. You can’t be wanting it.

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