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Do you know any good photographers?

Asked by kayyyyleigh (404points) March 16th, 2010

for my photography class I am supposed to research two photographers and my assignment is to not recreate the picture but to use their styles to take the pictures for my next roll or film. I have looked up a few, but none have really caught my attention. If you have any ideas of an original photographer it would be greatly appreciated:]

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Ansel Adams, Dorothea Lange. Edward Steichan, Diane Arbus

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nigel barker. D: I love him and hes soo cute….

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Freeman Patterson. He has written a number of books on photography technique that are wonderful.

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Our very own cprevite. He takes great photographs.

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Andy Goldsworthy- More of an artist than a photographer but could give you ideas for something very different.

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Annie Leibovitz

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Definitely Andrew Einhorn . . . He actually has a great persuasive personality to get his subjects agreeing to be photographed in their birthday suits. . . . and this is clean, artful photography.

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@jeffgoldblumsprivatefacilities he’s my best friend, in fact he was my best man, and yes he is a great photographer

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Another vote for Ansel Adams. I absolutely love him. Andy Goldsworthy’s art is kind of photography. I don’t know how you’d classify it. The photography is not what’s amazing, but it is the only way to see his art…so the photographs are important.

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My next door neighbor is outstanding. Makes a great Gin and tonic too!

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Me, but I only do nudes.

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Galen and Barbara Rowell, The best photographers, specializing in the Sierras, both died in a plane crash in 2002, yet their marvelous photos live on.

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Daniel James. He works out of Portland, OR. Very nice guy and very talented. His fiancee, as well is quite good.

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You should check out Silverfly’s profile
He’s ace!

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