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Why does my mouth taste like metal?

Asked by killerkadoogen (418points) March 16th, 2010

When i go for a run i get a strong metal taste in my mouth.. One person told me it is lack of electrolytes. I ate veggies a hour or so prior to running but it still happens. Can anyone tell me what foods would be best before?

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Is your mouth bleeding? it might just be if you are breathing through your mouth and it is getting dried out. try drinking lots o water.

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The same thing happened to me years ago during one of my attempts to quit smoking. At first, I thought it was all in my head. Then one day I popped a piece of spearmint gum in my mouth and realized I couldn’t taste it. At all. Luckily, this problem cleared itself up in a week or so. Scary though!

You might want to make sure you’re drinking enough water, watch your electrolytes, and potassium. An easy and tasty way to do this is to drink some emergen-c everyday. It is likely your body ridding itself of some toxins.

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@Jeremycw1 that what i was thinking. if there is no blood try taking the metal out of your mouth. (unless its dental work, then you just have to find what tastes good with metal :)).

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I’ve known two family members with similar experiences. Check this,

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Wait it out. Drink water. It’s the best remedy for purifying your body and cleansing out al the bad stuff.

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It is a symptom of stroke or brain tumor. I would go to the doctor.

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If it tastes kinda coppery then it’s probably blood.

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