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If you had to lose either intelligence or social ability which would you pick?

Asked by jackm (6200points) March 17th, 2010

and why? You lose all of the one you pick.

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If I’d lose my intelligence too I’d hardly have anything left.

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Next question. :)

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I guess I’d chose to lose my social ability. Social ability without intelligence is simply useless, whereas intelligence does not require social ability.

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Social ability. I do not have much of that anyway. Kiss me, Fy-chan!

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I don’t have social ability anyways, so that’s a no-brainer.

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Here, here! :-)

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Definitely social ability.

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I’d lose my intelligence as there are loads of no brainers running around making a success out of life. How? Personal skills.

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Intelligence. When you get down to it it is just semantics.

But social ability will get you laid. ;-)

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I’d rather lose intelligence, even though I rely on it for my livelihood and much of my joy in life. It’s far easier to succeed moderately through charm than skill, and keeping my intelligence just means I have to work way harder to stay where I am.

Plus, I like people.

That said, losing my ability to think is one of my greatest fears. So, you can take your question and shove it. ~_^

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It seems to me the average dumbass with friends is much happier than the brainiac without friends.

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And how dumbassish is that really?

It all starts with a civilization. A social network of “friends.”

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Intelligence without a doubt… It always seems that intelligent people are unhappy, perhaps they spend to long thinking about depressing stuff!

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It may be true that dimwits with friends lead happier lives, but lonely geniuses are more likely to make the world a better place.

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ha! i’d lose social ability. i’m don’t like people much anyway.

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I’d lose social ability.

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I’d lose social ability. I’m still investing in intelligence.

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I’d take social ability any day. I don’t want to be a cold, isolated brain. Having a spouse is something that helps you live the longest and most happily. Intelligence just keeps you thinking about shit. I’d much rather have close relationships and be well-loved than be super intelligent and discover the unified field theory.

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I would cast off my social ability as I need my intellect to do my job and I like getting a paycheck plus I know my friends value my smarts more than my smile.

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Theodore Kaczynski was an intellect.

Did not take too much smarts to invent the wheel.

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@ChazMaz Yeah but it took a lot of intellect for Ted Jansen to reinvent the wheel! Check this shit out!

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I want one of those!

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I don’t gox neithers, so fuck it. :D

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I already have no social ability, so I guess I can say that I’ll have to live without it.

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If I had social ability, I wouldn’t spend so much time online.

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Depends on where I live. If it’s a place like Hollywood where it’s not what you know, but who you know, then I’d pick to lose intelligence. A place like…idk…nerd-land haha and I’ll get rid of those pesky “social skills”.

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I don’t possess any of the two… so giving up any one would be irrelevant.

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It’s a win/win situation for me. I have nothing to lose either way.

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