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Do the responses to your questions and/or your answers ever upset you?

Asked by CMaz (26238points) March 17th, 2010

Personally, I learn from all of you. Even if the question or answer causes “friction.” For the most part I either get something from it or I don’t.
I never let it upset me. That’s no fun.

Do you keep your cool, or does your emotional side get the best of you?

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Somebody made a reference to me yesterday and I cried all day long.

But, other than that, I try and get something out of everything that’s said. It doesn’t hurt to see something from a different view point.

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Never. I simply note who’s being inaccurate, not factual, silly, idiotic, unfunny, predictable or unreadable. I’ve got a little list.

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I manage to keep my cool,but I am not above slamming someone into the dirt if my uterus tells me to…;)

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(What’s an uteras?)

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I get pissed at the amount of ego on this site sometimes, I keep a mental list. It’s a small list though.

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sometimes I get upset and cry all week.

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i like to pretend i give a shit about what @gailcalled finds idiotic or funny.

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Sometimes when I place a comment nothing comes of it but everyone else chats and I feel like I am invisible

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GQ . . . personally, I don’t think so. . . my answers my seem so to other people but that’s just how people in general perceive things – differently.

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Not usually. Can’t think of anything recently. I do remember when I first came on this site I asked a certain question about which college I should attend and people were insulting me and getting GA’s for insulting me. It actually did make me cry. Thanks a lot, guys. :)

But for the most part, no, the responses don’t upset me. I get perturbed by certain things. The blatant hypocrisy and arrogance I see sometimes pisses me off, but those things always piss me off in any medium. Sometimes I get fooled by people intending to shock me, but I quickly let that go once I realize they’re in it for shock value and are just being an idiot in general.

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I do get upset in an angry kind of way, not in a hurt kind of way. The anger lasts about 5–10 minutes and then I remember that I’ve been here before and that the person is like all the others that got me angry, they’re replaceable and not important enough to waste energy on.

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I’m pretty thin-skinned but if I notice I’m getting overly fired up I’ll leave the conversation before I lose my head, sometimes I’ll come back and other times not.

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A bit, at times…but it’s easy ignore after you memorize the users who have nothing better to do. Besides, ya run into into inflated egos in real life all the time. On Fluther, it just stands out more because it’s there forever (unlike speech which drifts away in a few seconds).

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I keep a sock monkey on top my monitor for those moments I get sucked into a political question and it breaks bad. I order them by the case.

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Not possible, words on a screen to me.Okay some may tickle or sting a little but nevertheless words just the same.

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I have pretty thick skin, so nothing really bugs me personally. I do make a 0_o face when I read some replies though, and there are some Flutherites that I outright ignore because of their consistency in providing me with said facial expression.

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The only thing that really bothers me is when someone tells me I’ve been unkind or been disrespectful to them or their post. I will usually apologize if I think I’ve stepped over the line.

As far as to being insulted—that has never really happened, as far as I remember. I’ve expected it to happen on many occasions, but it never did.

As far as being hurt by people disagreeing with me, even in a nasty way—I’ve been doing this for decades. I’ve been bashed before and survived. I know now how to cool the flames a bit or how to poke a bit of fun at someone who is getting a little too heated. It doesn’t bother me much.

What bothers me most is when someone I care about lets me know I’ve disappointed them. I hate that. But it happens.

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Urm….no. Not really.

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no. I asked a very inflammatory question once, some people were on fire about it some people were reasonable..whatever

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@gailcalled -It’s that bitchy thing that makes alot of typos ;)

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@Dr_Dredd, 0_o is an emoticon that represents either an eye-roll or a “duh” face.

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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard Oh. I never would have figured that out. :-)

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@Dr_Dredd @Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard I like to think of it as “the fish-eye.”

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No – but other people’s responses to other questions sometimes upset me.

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Kind of. I get tired of the smartass witty comments that don’t mean anything or don’t help, but it’s pretty minor, at least compared to the amount of good material I often recieve.
Besides I’m no angel myself in that departement, so who am I to talk haha.
I keep my cool or just fail to care in the end though, it’s not really a big deal, and not as prominant here as so many other places.

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Sometimes, I am disappointed when what I thought was a particularly insightful and informative answer seems to be ignored. I don’t like to have to dumb down an answer to get people to read it and the jellys I respect the most don’t require me to do so.

I’ve noticed that when my answer appears too far from the question, that it gets little or no attention.

Of course I don’t need the attention!

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On this site? Never.

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I get irritated when I take the time to write something that I think is helpful, and someone else comes along and calls me wrong, However, it’s a short-lived feeling, I always get over it.

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Being on Fluther is like being at Thanksgiving dinner with the biggest family in the world.

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I’ve been frustrated and I’ve been prideful…..I don’t think I’ve ever been upset.

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Upset – never. I usually take something from what everyone has to say. If something isn’t helpful, I can leave it. If something’s sarcastic, I can be humourous about it. When I see people leaving overly ignorant comments on a post, I try to bite my lip and move on

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By the time they get upsetting, I usually just click the Stop following tab and go elsewhere. I don’t need random people on the internet giving me a headache, I just cut my losses and walk away.

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For about a minute, then I realize that I really don’t care.

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Nah. I’ve gotten side tracked into disagreements on other people’s questions from time to time. I’ve really only had one rude and uncalled for response to a question that I’ve asked so I guess I’ve been fortunate.
I’ll tell you this, I’ve felt like giving some rude or snippy answers to some of the questions I’ve seen, but they’re mostly homework related. Come to think of it, I guess I have given some snippy answers to some questions that were homework related or that I considered stupid.
I really am working on my people skills.

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One thing that used to bother me is the way the question that I asked would get all twisted around, in a negative way. It would start with one response from someone who misunderstood me, and everyone that came after that answered that same way. In the end people were responding (even yelling at me!) to something I hadn’t even asked. It doesn’t seem to be as bad anymore though.

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wondering what it would be like to be slammed into the dirt by lucylucy’s uterus.

I don’t give a rat’s patootie what someone says in response to one of my Qs or one of my A’s (sorry gail for the use of possessive comma but I did it for clarity….)

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Nope. I’ve asked a couple of pretty personal things here, but none of the answers upset me. They’re opinions and thought processes of others. It’s up to me to figure out which are helpful and which aren’t. I might not necessarily have liked the answers, but every one of them was honest and up front.

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Yes, sometimes I do get upset, but I just walk away for awhile, and that works.

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I have felt hurt by responses at times.
I have also seen some very arrogant responses from people here.
I often wonder if they talk to people in person like that.

I also tend to feel insecure about my grammar, spelling and punctuation.
I know it’s important to be reasonably well understood, but I don’t understand the need to correct other people. Maybe I am missing out on a basic premise of the site or something?

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It pisses me off when people don’t get the point to your serious question and yet still feel the need to be assholes about it. They try to say things to take down who you are as a person and aren’t really answering the question at al, WTF!

But I don’t really let them get to me for more than even a minute, I cool off; then respond.

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Nope, they don’t really upset me. Then again, I ask very few questions. What a plus….....

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I don’t like personal attack and something off topic.

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A joke answer before a few real ones pisses me off. Other than that racism and homophobia are the things I hate the most. And I do keep a list (spreadsheet) to track who I refuse to help if they have expressed either in the past.

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A spread sheet? @johnpowell you win!

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It upsets me when people can’t allow others to have their own opinions and then leave it there. I have been upset and thought about leaving, but there is also great people on this site, and that is what is important.

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@johnpowell AH!! Am I on your spreadsheet???

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@eponymoushipster: I’ve never noticed you pretending anything.

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@gailcalled you’re right! i’m also going to pretend keeping a spreadsheet isn’t a petty thing to do.

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@eponymoushipster : The Santa of Fluther

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No, never. I find it interesting how people interrupt the question and then go about answering it. Then at that point I just consider the source of the answer. Just because someone says something good or bad, doesn’t make it so. I also enjoy the bantering sometimes. It’s fun, if it wasn’t I wouldn’t participate.

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Sorry about the misspelled word. I meant interpret. misspelled words annoy me.

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I do feel like a bit of a know it all. If someone argues something that I feel is right… it doesn’t particularly upset me.
However, when other people are arguing a separate issue.. it bothers the heck out of me!

I just don’t like it when people online take topics personally because it applies to them. Who cares! For example.. “I like brown hair. Blonde hair is icky.” “BLONDE HAIR IS ICKY!? HOW DARE YOU!?! RABBLE RABBLE RABBLE!”

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@meagan lurve! hehe rabble rabble rabble! one of my favorite sayings :)

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@Chongalicious , I am very new to the site, and I see a few strange words here and there. What does lurve mean?

Chongalicious's avatar

Lurve! And how it’s tallied up!

Welcome to Fluther, by the way :)

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@Chongalicious , thank you for enlightening me. So now what does Fluther mean? Where do these words come from? they are funny. Thanks for the welcome. I am having a great time so far.

Chongalicious's avatar

@Rangie no problem…and hmm I’m not 100% about the answer to that question but to me it seems like they were trying to describe the way a jellyfish moves in the sea :D

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@Rangie @Chongalicious A Fluther is the collective noun for a group of jellyfish.

Chongalicious's avatar

@janbb wow, I should really learn to use a dictionary hehe :P
but thanks!!

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@Chongalicious: “Fluther” (rhymes with mother) will not be found in all dictionaries. Don’t browbeat yourself. None of us knew initially.

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@gailcalled Thanks for the insight :)

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@gailcalled I always thought it was pronounced “floother.” Interesting!

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Hell yeah, especially if the topic is natural remedies and meat eating. So i try to avoid those topics altogether for the most part.

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