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What is the best web browser?

Asked by Smifty (14points) March 17th, 2010

This is specifically for mac users.

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I don’t know how to rank them. Everyone has specific needs. If you want to go real fast, Opera is nice. If you want a million choices, Firefox is nice. Mostly it’s a matter of taste.

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Internet Explorer 5 is my favorite. It’s really convenient because it comes bundled with Windows ME (a superior OS, IMO, since it supports transactional DRAM and java virtualization. This was also the last OS to have PRAM flashing without needing to reset the bios mainframe.)

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@dpworkin – A matter of taste? YOU EAT WEB BROWSERS?

Also, no one uses Opera except the guy who created it and his mom. ARE YOU HIS MOM?

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I prefer Firefox with tabs disabled.

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I prefer Firefox myself, but Safari is okay. My school uses Macs, and for some reason certain websites have issues when viewed on Firefox, so I use Safari.

Google Chrome I’ve heard is good, but they haven’t developed a solid Mac version yet, so I’d wait on that and give it a try when it’s released.

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@charmander Um, okay, uncalled for much? I’m just giving suggestions, and I gave reasons for my alternate choices.

If you’re trying to start a flame war on someone else’s question, I suggest you stop now.

Besides, I can’t take anyone named “charmander” seriously when their avatar isn’t even a Fire type.

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@charmander : Almost everyone who uses a smartphone nowadays uses Opera Mobile.

Firefox if you like plugins and skins – it’s also the only one I’ve come across that even has 3rd party support, let alone native, for blocking non-html content like Java, Flash, XSS, and the like.

Opera if you like an all-in-one that likes to tinker with its own native support

Flock if you like social sites.

Sleipnir if you like Norse themology.

If you want the browse rwith the most support though, IE 6,7, and 8 are still the most supported and widely used, and as Adecco just showed me, using a trident renderer (IE’s engine) in Firefox just doesn’t cut it

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@Fenris Good breakdown, that gets the illustrious “Great Answer” award. Although beta, Chrome is quick, but I had a problem loading youtube videos. Your experience may vary.

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I use Chrome – it works just fine. I miss my Firefox plug-ins, though.

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So for a Mac I’d use either Firefox or Chrome. Dont bother with Safari. Chrome is much better and it uses webkit just like Safari. Firefox and Chrome are pretty much tied at everything except chrome starts up faster. And it’s for user friendly. But Firefox has more extensions and themes than Chrome. The only thing Opera is good for is file sharing.

The choice is yours.

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The big problem I have with Chrome is that, as a multi-process browser, it does a number on my old POS laptop, and that it’s not as configurable as the others. It does wonders with Java though, and there’s SRWare Iron for people who think it’s wrong to datamine usage patters. I haven’t tried it since they released a component API. ‘Twas a bitch to install third party components before that.

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i feel comfortable using firefox but there is problem with it when you open too many tabs in a single window it will Crash

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Firefox all the way. Its open and adheres to open standards.

IE comes in handy at times when sites don’t work with Firefox properly.

For the rest i haven’t used them.

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If you like lots of features and neato customizations/add-ons Firefox is the way to go.

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Safari is great, but its not for me.

Firefox is my daily browser on OS X. I just have some extensions that I can’t really live without for long periods of time. The only downside to Firefox on the Mac is that it doesn’t really ‘feel’ like a Mac app.

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I’d recommend chrome.

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