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How do you deal with stress?

Asked by Supergirl (1676points) March 12th, 2009

My husband knows when I am stressed because I take like 3 showers/day. I like the 2am shower.

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Whenever i’m stressed out I either go to the gym or turn off all distractions and relax for a while.

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I usually just lay in bed and keep to myself, cry.. It makes me feel better..

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I smoke weed. It helps a lot.

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A joint definitely helps a lot. I like a joint with a cup of tea and book actually, I find that to be extremely relaxing. It used to be a bong and video games but I realised a long time ago that option can be strangely overstimulating in some circumstances.

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I play Warcraft and get on Vent and talk to my guild. They make me very happy. VERY happy.

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I smoke a bowl and read or listen to some podcasts.

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I run like a maniac until I feel better.

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@peedub Your avatar is freaking me out.

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I beat my kids and start fires.

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@Supergirl… that’s wicked! I can’t think of a lot more unhealthy ways to deal with stress…like mine… throwing myself on the bed… and screaming into the pillow…

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I’m dealing with a new health concern in the last 3 weeks, & I’ve GOT to calm down & let go of some of the stress in my life. Getting off of another web site like this has been my first step.

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I write. I take a long bath. Evidently, I also make some weird kind of face…my family knows when I am stressed and my son gets a kick out of “the look.”

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I exercise, listen to music, read a book, watch a movie, go for a walk, take a nap, play a video game, go online and visit Fluther (always good for relaxation).

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When I am stressed or mad or somethings bothering me I like to pamper myself like do my nails foot soak, masks, bubble bath, and listen to music by Carla Bruni (I know its french but I find it reaallly relaxing, theres one called je’exquisite or something its the theme from the movie Conversations With Other Women) or I’ll just lie in my bed and think. Thinking always relaxes and calms me down.

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I like to choke out a complete stranger. I don’t strangle him/her to death. I just kinda throttle him/her with a vigorous shaking motion and shout random curse words in their face.

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@Blondesjon. I’m glad to see those anger management classes are working out well for you. =)

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@Bluefreedom…I really believe that it is cathartic for the other party involved as well. They almost always leave with a different perspective than they started with.

that’s just me…i’m a giver

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Not very well. That’s why I have Xanax.

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@Blondesjon. And they almost always leave with a different color too. Specifically blue or purple because you deprived them of an air supply. LOL

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@Blondesjon I had been thinking of adding wife beating to my aresenal of stress reduction activities, but your idea of half strangling complete strangers sounds like it might be more effective. I dunno if you have the experience, but which method do you think will be more efficacious?

Damn! Could you imagine this as a fluther question? “Which is a better stress reliever, wife beating or stranger suffocation?”

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@daloon…If can hear your wife sob in bewildered fear anytime. With a stranger it’s always different.

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lol @augustlan‘s answer. lurve it. i’ve so been there.

hmm, i usually spaz out when overwhelmed and just have to get away from it all. i need to be left alone, like get a pedicure or massage. but, we don’t have the extra funds for things like that…so, i usually just lock myself in the bedroom and make my husband keep the baby away from me. It’s overwhelming being a mother, sometimes.

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i work out and watch horror movies with a bunch of people getting killed, it releaves a little bit of it

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I eliminate the stressor… with a gun.

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Bad Thomas, bad!

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i make a CD of my favorites.
then BLAST them as loud as possible.
you dont realize how good singing at the top of your lungs and dancing like a maniac is for stress.

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I deal with stress as Jack Nicholson deals with sex.

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@qashqai By sneaking up on it from behind?

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If it’s stress from a sudden frustration or anger then I blow it off with bursts of exercise, bathtub soaks and timed crosswords. If it’s regular stress from everyday condition then my rituals of writing, music and visiting or talking with particular people keeps me in check.

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Have an orgasm…I always feel better after that!

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@mamabeverley oooh good idea!!

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@lynneblundell B.O.B. to the rescue!!!!

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Jog. The cure-all that cures all.

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@PapaLeo it just gave me bad knees…:-(

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I clean… a lot.

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@debzilla Feel free to stop by my house any time. :D

And welcome to Fluther!

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write it out?

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lisson to music, scream and yell at my husband. works for me ;)

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Well, Try to make sure you have a balance in your day between work and doing the things that you enjoy and think always positive.

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I know.. Life is a pain sometimes and this turns into stress.. I’ve been dealing with the same problem, except I don’t shower 3 times a day…~ But, since you’re you.. I suggest finding the things that you seem the most happy doing. For example I love listening to music whenever I’m stressed because I can find the songs that relate to how I’m feeling and just get lost in my own world for a while. Maybe if you’re not the type to listen to music, talking it out with someone might help? Even if it is an inanimate object, it would still help.. ^-^ The point is.. Find some time in your schedule to have a ‘you’ time! Everyone needs a rest every once in a while, I know I do.. (Another thing that might help is getting a massage?) I wish you the best of luck!

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