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Anyone suffered from senioritis?

Asked by vanausdr (146points) March 18th, 2010

I’m not sure if this is what I’m going through. I feel more depressed than anything…full of regrets, uncertainty, and fear about college life…is this normal? And it’s beginning to get really hard to do my homework or even focus on my homework…that has never really happened before in the last couple of years.

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I’m suffering from sophomoritis.

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A seƱorita once made me suffer.

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Oh man. High school was hard for me too.
Look at the bright side: It’s almost over.
Try not to be full of regrets. It’s not worth it. You’ll only regret having regrets.
Talk to your school counselor if you start to feel really down.
That’s what I did my senior year and it was nice to know that someone was always on campus for me, just in case.
Perhaps it’s you responding to the fact that you’ll be starting a whole new adventure once you graduate. That can make some people really, really anxious.
Maybe join some type of after school activity to keep yourself busy.
Good luck.

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It’s all normal stuff. There will be some crying for you and your parents to do too. It’ll all be OK.

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@Vunessuh, the asker is in college

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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard Bah! Whoops. I read senior itis and assumed high school. Even so, graduating from college is closing one door and opening another. The same thing pretty much applies. Things change and people get anxious. It’s natural. There are still counselors on college campuses.

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Oh, me. I thought you were talking about the kind of seniors who get discounts through AARP. Yes, I’m suffering from that.

I seem to remember going through a kind of slump at the end, when college decisions were already made, and the misery of high school had to peak one last time when the end was in sight, and I just kind of wanted to ditch the race. But then it was over, and I was so ready for the big changes that were coming. Hang in there. You’ll make it. There’s still something to be learned and a last prize to win, even if it’s only one that you award yourself privately for getting through it.

I believe the asker is in high school, to judge from his or her other questions about what college is going to be like.

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I’m confused now, but I think you’re right, @Jeruba.

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I did, even though I was glad to be going on to college, and the opportunity to interact with adults and get away from the immaturity of High School.

I had a touch of senioritis when I received an invitation to the 50th anniversary of my High School Graduation today.

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Senioritis? Yep, everyday now that I am approching age 62…next month actually. But a sweet discovery is getting senior discounts at various places.

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My birthday is on monday, and I was around 15 or 16 when most of the kids I go to school with were born. Eek. And I am a senior at Gonzaga, so the two are making for some weird thoughts this week.

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I’m not exactly depressed, but I’m definitely losing focus.
I’m not even bothering to show up on time. Sometimes I come to school a good half hour late without a note, and if I do get a note I won’t show up until 5th period.

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Go for a walk. Get out, take deep breaths.
If you smoke, stop. And don’t use alcohol or drugs to get through it.

Also, find a simple hobby. Build a model get a needle point kit. It will pass.

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I’ve got some major senioritis going on these days, too. I’ve always been a really good student but I am just so sick of high school; I’ve been slacking off a lot these days. I really need to stop doing that, because I got waitlisted at my top school, and my slacking off certainly won’t help my chances of getting in… blah.

I have a lot of anxiety about college too. I’m afraid I’m just not the “college type” – I’m shy, I don’t like to party, and I’m prone to homesickness.

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Definitely some junioritis (probably more like pre-senioritis) here. Can’t believe I will be done with college in a year. Can’t believe my friends and I are all going to go our separate ways (probably in different countries, too). I’ve heard people call it pre-nostalgia. I have to admit, it does impact the amount of work I put into my HW…

@Mariah Don’t worry about not fitting in in college, you will get the hang of it, I can guarantee it. I was myself, and to a certain extent remain, shy and not the “party type”. I don’t get tremendously homesick, but it naturally does happen a few times a year. If it can help lower your anxiety, you will find people just like you in college (beyond just people with similar tastes, hobbies etc). And whatever you do, do not feel you have to do anything you don’t want to. Personally, my best friends here really like parties (and drinking and all the yada yada), but what really makes our friendship possible is the fact that they respect my likes and dislikes just as I respect theirs. Sure enough, I have been going to parties once in a while since the beginning of sophomore year and have actually learned to enjoy them. And they in the meantime have largely grown out of the “extreme” partying they used to love during our freshman and sophomore years, to prefer more moderate partying with people we are close to. You will most probably change a lot and for the better during college, most people do. It is a direct result of the well-known “self-discovery” you go through during these years. Again don’t worry about fitting in in the beginning, because you will find your niche eventually and the transition will likely be smooth. ;-)

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Major life changes tend to be scary, because there’s so much uncertainty, and the fact that the way you’ve lived your life has to change dramatically. What you’re feeling is natural. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try to work past it, however. Whatever comes next will work out better for you if you face it with a smile and bold readiness for anything.

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I’m turning fifty next year. What was the question again?

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i’ve the “here-after” disease! everytime i walk into a different room; what am i here after?

Is that seniorist?

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