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Simple, inexpensive exercise equipment?

Asked by andrew (16358points) January 31st, 2007
I'm looking for inexpensive exercise equipment that I can store easily in my house and do everyday. Things like: a jumprope, yoga mat, small freeweights (maybe even "running shoes").
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plastic 1/2 gallons of milk w. handles can be hoisted (ditto w. cans).
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If you have stairs, you can do hamstring stretches on bottom step, (stand on step and drop heels down) and also just step up and down as one does w. a stairmaster. Phantom chair against wall....(sit w. back against wall as tho there were a chair under you. Make sure that there isn't.)
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you have a good list - opt for things like pilates that require only a mat - then use some hand weights and start cycling to work
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yoga ball, medicine ball, bosu ball
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We do it with a small weight bench, free weights (3# to 30#) and a small mat for stretching. If you know the right exercises, you can work out every part of your body!
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push-ups required just you and time.
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Three categories of exercise: Aerobics, Strength and Flexability/Stretching. Your own body has all the equipment in needs to work all three types.
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I think you can do many exercising things without professional equipments. For example, your bed. Lay one foot on the bed and stretch your body back and forward, you will feel your muscles stretching. Then do it with the opposite leg. That creates lean muscles, if you do it a lot. Your chair can be another equipment because you can sit and push onto the arm handles and left your upper body up and down. Lastly, mop the floor! Gosh, it takes a lot of energy to do it and it burns a lot of calories.
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A guy I met with the best body I've ever seen said he did push ups, pull ups and sit ups, all at home. All you would need for that is a bar that you put up in a door frame. Also if you jump rope you will get in excellent aerobic shape.
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Yoga mat
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while it might seem arcane, so called stongman training may be what you are looking for. carry rocks, push your car, lift logs, flip tractor tires. some of the best athletes in the world employ these tools to get strong. dont be fooled into spending lots of money on pieces of exercise equipment. everything you need is easily obtainable. if you live in a city or place where you must workout indoors, i would try to obtain a chinup bar and a few kettlebells.

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Jump rope, yoga mat, bike, or even what god gave you feet get some good shoes and start walking its going to get really nice out soon.

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