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Are there any songs that frighten you?

Asked by MrsDufresne (3547points) March 19th, 2010

Are there any songs that make you feel afraid or uneasy? If so, why do you think they make you feel this way?

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Yes, psychedelic music unnerves me. I assume it has something to do with the fact that I’ve had episodes of psychosis before. It’s simply not a place I enjoy going for “fun”.

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The National Anthem and anything by Miley Cyrus.

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The Bees by Animal Collective. Because the first time I heard it, I thought they were saying “the beast” rather than bees, and I was home alone reading Stephen King at the time. Bad combo.

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I quite like music that has an impact on me. The sign of good art.

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@La_Guerrera_Mas_Funki Don’t forget the Jonas Brothers!

My girlfriend is afraid of Bicycle Race…...

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Strange musical anecdote here: When I first heard Parting of the Sensory by Modest Mouse in my car, I liked it and bought the CD. But when I played the CD at home and actually sat down and paid attention to the lyrics, it disturbed me greatly and I hid the CD away. I almost condsidered throwing it away. Now, I discovered the CD and listened to the song again, and it doesn’t bother me like it did. Incidentally, the song is about “carbon’s anniversary” aka, death, and is rather depressing if you listen carefully to it and get all the subtle meanings.

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some children’s/disney songs make me feel uneasy… as well as Weird Al’s Polka songs

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@La_Guerrera_Mas_Funki Hey, what’s up Grand Mistress of Funki” Good to see you around!

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“For I am Under the Same Accusation” by Benjamin Britten (classical choral piece) scares the shit out of me. It’s about a man and his horrible experiences in a mental asylum.

There is some Shostakovich music that sounds pretty scary; the fact that it was written during and about such a horrific time (Stalinist Russia) increases the feeling.

I also remember hearing some music on a movie opening once that I just didn’t like the sound of. Creeped me out; the movie wasn’t even horror or anything.

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No, but if my family were cannibals, and my parents were listening to “Sweet child of mine”, I’d be scared shitless.

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Tardy for the Party gave me PTSD.

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Warning: Westboro Baptist Church ahead.

This one scares the shit out of me. They’re idiots, still scary though.

And why does is it make me feel afraid or uneasy? I don’t think I really need to explain.

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I am from the west coast and flew into New Jersey but had to get on a train in New York to go to visit my niece in Boston. I had a heck of a time trying to figure out the train system at the airport and was worried I would miss my train if I didn’t get to Grand Central Station quickly.
I was going back to the airport to get a taxi when a limo driver quoted me a price I could live with and offered me a ride.
I got in his car and the music he was playing was really scaring me. I never heard the song before or since, but the words kept saying.
“YOU’RE IN THE DEATH CAR!” over and over again. I was alone in a strange town and totally freaked out.
I made it to the station safely but I will never do that again. I kept thinking about how no one I knew had a clue where I was. I couldn’t even call my husband from the cell phone because he was on a plane back to California.

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@lillycoyote ; At first it was just sick, but then I almost cried at the end! I think that must be a form of child abuse.

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@lillycoyote WTF was that? I don’t think I’ve ever heard of them before. First 5 seconds were like you can sense something horrible about to happen. I couldn’t get past the kids with the signs. I’m done, that’s child abuse.
My song is White Rabbit, by Jefferson Airplane. It freaks me out.

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The Beatles White Album gives me the creeps. “Number Nine!”

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The Pogues, The Worm Crawls In and the Worms Crawl Out. creepy, creepy bass voice.

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My apologies to @py_sue and @Judi and to anyone else who has not yet encountered the fine, upstanding “Christians” of Westboro Baptist Church. It can be shocking at first. What they do is beyond ugly and evil, and yes, among the many disgusting and shameful and “sinful” things they do in the name of god, they fill their children with hate. It is child abuse, no doubt about it.

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What’s Become of the Baby by the Grateful Dead is scary

Here’s a 30 second sample:

And here’s the full song:

And I know its scary to lots of people because at the concerts during songs like this, a portion of the audience would get scared and start smoking cigarettes or shifting around.

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These two very famous classical songs, although they aren’t frightening, do leave me with an uncomfortable, uneasy feeling, it’s hard to describe. They’re beautiful yet somehow strangely disturbing:

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And there’s always Night on Bald Mountain

Disney isn’t in the business of scaring the effing pants off small children? I beg to differ.

And just your regular scary, scary rock song? There could be no other.

The End

God! What if it is the end? It sure sounds like it is!

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@lillycoyote ; Most of the Doors stuff scares the crap out of me.

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@Judi Yes, I think the music even scared Jim Morrison, made him self-medicate with drugs and alcohol. He scared himself to death. And I think Apocalypse Now made The End even scarier than it already was, at least for me.

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@HTDC I love the first song, but it is very melancholy. The second one has a very calming, peaceful feel to it. I understand what you’re saying about songs leaving you feeling uneasy or unsettled- some of my favorite music has that effect.
DJ Shadow- Midnight in a Perfect World.

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Rolling Stones Sympathy for the Devil gets stuck in my head then leaves me deeply unsettled.

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She Talks to Angels freaks me out.

But the one that I have a violent reaction to is Ruby Don’t Your Love to Town.
It disgusts me. I hate the man in the song. “And if I could move I’d get my gun and put her in the ground” I feel so disgusted when I hear this song, and am amazed that it was accepted and popular.

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@Shae I also was disturbed in a very similar way by some dixie chicks song I heard once about kililng a guy named Earl. It was kind of the same feeling, even though earl was a jerk. But I think it was supposed to be funny. I have no sense of humor about killing earl.

This song isn’t so creepy but the video is, but it is creepy in a really cool way (if that makes any sense).

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@Haleth I think because it is such wonderful, melancholic music it makes me feel something that other music has never made me feel before, the unique feeling is almost frightening, if you get what I mean.

The song you linked was really good, I love that kind of music from the 90’s.

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there is a band called The Red Paintings….they freak me out. Also, the Donnie Darko sound track gives me bad dreams.

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I just remembered another one. Jeremy by Pearl Jam. I watched some youtube stuff about people visiting his grave and hearing evp’s. I can’t finish the song, now.

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I had a psycho abusive ex. Well his LAST victim left him for a while, and he posted this video to her on all his sites. I guess it is supposed to be funny.

Only thing is I know he means it, which is what makes it creepy instead of funny. Thank goodness I’m free of him.

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@lillycoyote, nothing I can think of could top that. I know I’m going to have bad dreams tonight.

Anyone who didn’t stay with it to the end, you’ve missed something.

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I went back and watched the end. That’s such a horrible thing to do to a kid. The kid has no idea what she’s saying, it could’ve been the itsy bitsy spider song.

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Pretty much anything they play on mainstream radio scares me. A lot. =P

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Not anymore. When I was a kid, Ray Charles’ What’d I Say was kinda scary.

About midway through the tune he groans…it was really disturbing to me though I didn’t understand why.

I still liked the song, but those groans were creepy.

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There are three songs that make me feel so frightened, that I have to leave the room if they are played.

Skin by Madonna on the Ray of Light album . Can’t do it. No way. That sound in the beginning petrifies me to the core.

Welcome to the Machine by Pink Floyd. Heard the song once and it made me run out of the room screaming.

Fly Like an Eagle by the Steve Miller Band. This one I have an ambivalence for. I like it, though there are sounds in this song that make me feel uneasy, and the part at the end brings on a sense of isolation that is almost unbearable.

Also, the end of the song Strawberry Fields, with that oddly freakin’ organ music makes me want to run.

Thank you to everyone that answered!!!!

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@escapedone7 That song/video was creepy cool. Especially the part with that puppet!

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@MrsDufresne ; Taking me back to an era, I also get creep ed out a bit, by Hotel California by the Eagles. When that song came out I was trying desperately to break free of the drug culture and every time I would slip up and get stoned I would hear, “You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave.”

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Yes, all that neo-Nazi music garbage.

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