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Can anyone name a good song about missing someone that isn't about a lover situation?

Asked by Pandora (29497points) March 21st, 2010

Oh, and please not a song about missing someone because they are dead.

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This one still always gives me goosebumps. An absolute classic. Maybe it’s not quite what you want but it’s a great song. Not just about missing a lover.

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Well, that’s ruled out a hell of a lot of good songs. Why would you miss someone you didn’t love? I wrote something close, about missing how a person was in a time they were more carefree, tell me if it fits the bill.

Listen xx

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Hey Ed no public stuff man. Breaks fluther rules.

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You’re not alone by Olive is one of my favorites.

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@EdMayhew Looking for a song for my daughter not a lover or boyfriend.

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@Pandora Eh? Read the answer. I got that, hence why the link is to a song about my sister and brother, who are most certainly not my girlfriend or boyfriend or both…

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@Mr_A Really? people link stuff all the time, sorry if it breaks the rules. Unfortunately I can’t edit it now so I’ll trust fluther mods to take it down if I’ve done wrong


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@EdMayhew I was responding to the second sentence you wrote.” Why would you miss someone you didn’t love?”
I guess I should’ve been clearer. But asking people to find a song about loving your daughter, I figured would be really difficult. Since most songs are about lovers and friendships.

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@Pandora I assume you love your daughter?

sorry, overly flippant I know


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@Pandora A song about siblings is the best I can do I’m afraid xx

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@EdMayhew You didn’t break any rules, your link was fine.

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Nat King Cole — Unforgettable

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It’s not about missing someone, but wishing them the best in life. I love “I Hope You Dance”

Celine Dion did a beautiful one called “A Mother’s Prayer”

Have you heard a song called “In My Daughter’s Eyes” ... real tear-jerker

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Well can’t listen to the Beatles or John Mayer. I could never stop reccommending John Frusciante. Not everyone’s cup of tea but very powerful and spiritual lyrics instead of romance.

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Lee Harvey Oswald ; “I missed you the first time, shoot, but I won’t miss you this time”.Jack Ruby on backing vocals.

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Actually the right description for my Frusciante reccommendation is: ABSTRACT!! Beautifully, hauntingly, abstract. Lyrically and musically. You can’t go wrong with these albums.

A Sphere In The Heart Of Silence
Shadows Collide With People
To Record Only Water For Ten Days

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