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What is the best bar in San Francisco

Asked by carterooney (15points) March 7th, 2008 from iPhone

best bars in San francisco

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what kind of bar?

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Just looking for peoples best haunts – using Zagat and Citysearch dilutes the question, as there’s some many sub-categories, if you had to pick one – which is it?

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Depends on what you’re looking for.

Zeitgeist in The Mission has a great outdoor, communal table patio that is great on warm days.

But really, there are too many to say which is the best…

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Best overall: Lone Palm
Best for dancing in a non-club: Amnesia
Best for shitty attitudes and great beer: Toronado
Best for orgasm-worthy drinks: Bourbon and Branch

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for absolutely amazing drinks, try The Orbit Room. Nearby is also Martuni’s, a fabulously old-school sultry martini bar with a live piano player. For outdoor patio and a raucus grungy hipster crowd of politicos, Zeitgeist any day of the week (but especially on sunny days) – they also have hands down the best veggie burgers in town, and they make a great bloody mary. For microbreweries with great and unusual local beers, try 21st Amendment, the Thirsty Bear, or Magnolia (and if you go to magnolia you MUST also get the little delicious chocolate lava cakes…they don’t really go with beer, but, well, they’re just so good). The Elbo Room in the mission is also fun.

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