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what is the best thing to bring up on a date???

Asked by beenzy7 (51points) March 7th, 2008 from iPhone


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Nothing works better than a “Whoa” when you first see her.

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Politics and religion, of course!

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Ask about her most romantic date and things she finds romantic.

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Ex-girlfriends. Or ex-boyfriends. Especially if they’re psycho-stalkers or you’re still carrying a torch for them.

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Blast, cwilbur, I had forgotten about that one. ;)

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i dont think i would talk about Religion

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probaly not even politics is that great of an idea

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i think i would say whoa that is a good idea

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Flowers are always nice!

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flowers are fine but something to say during the date.

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i need ideas date is at 6:30

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No, I would just try to bring up interests, try to see if you have any common ground. Talk about work, life, family…just don’t write a checklist and start checking them off as you talk about them. ;-)

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thanks SFgirl great answer

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Remember, the conversation is not just one sided. You don’t have to do all the work. He/she should be able to come up with 1/2 of the conversation. Don’t worry, sfgirl’s idea is good, as were some of the others. Your date will also have thought about this, too, I imagine. ;-)

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oh, it’s a she. So she will have conversation topics, too.

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Stories of past sexual conquests.

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@beenzy7: There are other ways to thank people. Ones that don’t fill up a thread with posts.

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Depending on the date, its a good thing to bring up an erection.

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So, Aaron’s guide to dating.

1. Be sincere!
a. Trying to be more than you are is insincere
b. Thinking less of yourself than is due is insicere
c. more/less are relative to your authentic feelings of self acceptance, not societal standards
2. Don’t complain unless it is funny.
3. There are two types of men in the world: those who run shit, and those who eat shit.

Would you want to make out with somebody who eats shit?

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chill out. Do whatever it takes to get you telex just before you meet your date. Pay attention to her and see if any is different and complement them on it. The rest of the evening keep your chatter to small talk until you find a common ground. The rest depends on type of girl.

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telax- I meant relax

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Also you might work on your picking up of jokes. ;)

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LOL I agree with delirium

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I really hope you asked this question from your iPhone while on the date in question.

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Probably bring up your felony record and outstanding warrants. Also, be sure to mention your last genital herpes flare up-describe it in graphic detail, that will surely make her swoon.

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Laura047 that is a retarded answer

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I’m sure your sense of humor wooed her.

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Apparently people have a tough time picking up on sarcasm online… lol. Whatever you talk about, make sure you’re not telling a story for like 15 minutes straight, try to keep the conversation going back and forth. Ask her about school, what she wants to do, dreams/goals.

Then, when she has that look in her eye, you know its ok to tell her about your nazi clan, and how you killed a man with your bare hands when you were 12.
= sarcasm.

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