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Why when people sneeze they have to close they're eyes?

Asked by Billkaulitz29 (15points) March 22nd, 2010

I Always wanted to know

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So they won’t fly out ya head

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I dont think you have to. it just happens

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Because it would be creepy. Think about it.

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What would be creepy?

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I have heard (and I may be pulling this out of my arse) that due to the velocity to which you sneeze, your eyes may pop out of your head if you didn’t close them.

I’m yet to actually witness this however.

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The average sneeze is somewhere in the region of 50mph.I reckon if we didn’t close our eyes we’d be eyeballing something very far away in a heartbeat.

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@slick44 The look on someone’s face when they sneeze with their eyes open.

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Oh that’s not pretty. I never thought of that anyway thank you

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I think you have to close your eyes…

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@erichw1504…oh ok lol. funny not creepy

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It’s an involuntary reaction, aimed at protecting the eyes.

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Why when I am putting my contacts in I always open my mouth?

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The inerconnetedness of the facial muscles. It’s all involuntary.

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it’s a reflex.

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A reflex I guess.I always wondered does your heart really stop when you sneeze?

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@erichw1504 Because it would be creepy. Think about it.

I thought about it. It would be both creepy and funny at the same time.

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@monocle So, it’d be feepy?

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@erichw1504 haha yes, it would be extremely feepy.

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