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In your favorite sport, what rule(s) would you like to see changed.

Asked by rebbel (35552points) March 22nd, 2010

Would you like to change or add a certain rule to make it more fast/spectacular/logic/fair?
Maybe your rule-change could make your sport more televizable or popular (more people who’ll choose to be active in that sport)?
Mine is soccer and i would like to see them change the throw-in into a shoot-in (that way the ball could travel bigger distances and the players wouldn’t hesitate so long to find a teammate).
And whenever a player is red-carded there should be given a penalty-kick, no matter where the foul was committed.

And yours?

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The NFL should play full overtime periods until there is a winner at the end of a period.

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Why can’t you eat chocolate cake standing up in front of the fridge?

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@Captain_Fantasy As opposed to? (I don’t know the usual rules for that sport (it’s hockey?))

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I would like to see clothesline tackles be allowed in pro Football.

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Those rules still apply.
The calories don’t count until you sit down

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@SeventhSense All right! I never got the memo.

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@davidbetterman Clothesline tackles?

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Oh yeah. A forearm shiver to the neck as a ball carrier is running by. Flips his feet out from under him and lands him with extremem immediacy to the ground.
They were outlawed years ago because Oakland raiders players were using them to hurt people.

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glad I could clear that up…just remember to tell your hips

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@SeventhSense I can see that, baseketball. (Although i don’t know which ball they’ll use.)

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NFL. Football.
The coin toss for OT has got to go. Instead of sudden death where the first team that scores wins, you play for another 15 minute quarter. It’s almost guaranteed that OT wouldn’t last long because they wouldn’t be able to keep it up and the stronger team will be able to perform better, longer. That could be some epic football stuff.

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@davidbetterman Thanks for that explanation. Naughty Oaklanders….

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That’s easy they have the ball

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@Captain_Fantasy Ah, it’s the F in the NFL, of course.
Thanks for explaining the OT-thing.

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Those dirty headshots that seem to be plaguing the NHL lately. Although we shouldn’t have to wait much longer as it looks like a rule change is going to come into affect next season…

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Get rid of the freaking Designated Hitter. It’s not baseball they play in the American League; it just sort of marginally resembles that great old game.

@Captain_Fantasy, I’ve thought that the college rules are good. Each team gets the ball an equal number of times starting from the same point on the field, and each team gets to match the other’s scoring drive/s. At least it’s fair.

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That works for me.

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There is no justification for it.

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Baseball. I would get rid of the designated hitter, and the infield fly rule.

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Snooker. I would not change anything.

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@filmfann, the infield fly rule is a solid rule in my opinion. It keeps the defense from turning easy double plays. What do you dislike about it?

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No DH, no interleague, and no wild card. I miss real baseball. Bud Selig is Satan.

The DH is about the only thing I don’t blame him for.

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In full contact fights they should allow silly string! ;)

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playoffs for NCAA Football

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I think in basketball, rules should be changed so each side can’t call 2 dozen time outs per game. It seems to get a little ridiculous at times.

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An actual World Series of Baseball.
Latin America, North America, Japan, Taiwan, Dominican Republic – everybody

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College football – excessive celebration. Ridiculous.

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The Play

”......and the band is on the field!!!...but the ball is still in play! The band is on the field but the game isn’t over yet!!!” – Best case of excessive celebration ever, and its anticipated excessive celebration at that.

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The offside rule in football (soccer). Also to allow referees to consult with me or any other viewer who has the benefit of replay, when they have to do guesswork. It’s ridiculous that the ref’s wife at home can have a more clear view of what has really happened, than her husband who is standing in the middle of the field. I think play should always be allowed to continue, and offside goals should only be disallowed after they’ve been scored and the ref has seen the replay or discussed it with his linesmen.

Otherwise, we’ll keep fighting about a non-offside that could have led to a chance, that might or might not have been stopped by the keeper, the goalpost, or the wind.

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Chess. I would include and allow the use of gag hammers on all surfaces but the board/pieces, and in all but the official matches.

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To all who have answered: thanks a lot!

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You cannot possibly get rid of the offside rule in football (soccer). The tactics of the game would change drastically! I would bring in a video ref but it could ruin the flow of the game.

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Basketball: Nobody fouls out due to personal fouls. Either make the penalties progressively worse (like free throws plus possession, more free throws, etc.) It sucks a key player (pretty much) has to leave for the rest of the half if he has three fouls.

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