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Why do people watch sport?

Asked by Otto_King (1122points) June 27th, 2010

What is the point of watching any kind of sport, if you don’t have anybody in the team you personally know? Why people worrying sick themself for something, which is not their business? It’s not gonna be better or worse in their life wether the team wins os loses…

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It’s fun.

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Sometimes it’s fun, but I agree, why worry yourself sick and argue about it? Usually if I’m watching, I pick a team I want to win, and I root for them, and it’s whatever. I don’t get all butthurt if my team loses, because I don’t get too invested in any one team.

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Because it gives them a cause (or purpose).

Because it’s fun.

Because it gives them a vicarious thrill when there is a victory.

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Because we are competitive by nature, I don’t know why but we are. If you’ve ever played sports and you know that feeling of having to dig down and put out that 110 percent effort, you know what the feeling of doing that and winning is. We like that feeling, so watching lets us feel that again. And, we like the unexpected things, like david beating goliath.

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@Adirondackwannabe I played football, basketball, and when I sat on the bench, I was still worried for my team. But even back then I gave a damn about other sports, and other teams in any kind of game. For me watching and supporting games is not fun, but just stress, and boredom shat I don’t need.

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@Otto_King It can be stressful if you forget it’s just a game. What’s really changed by someone winning or losing a game. I don’t like to see my team lose, but it’s just a game, so no stress on me.

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@Adirondackwannabe Don’t get me wrong, I’m not that stressing to death kind of guy. IF! I have to watch a game, of course I have a healthy level of stress in me while the game is on. But fortunately I don’t have to watch any game at all. By the way try explain that stress thing to the football-hooligans all over the world. ;) no offense

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I enjoy watching some sports and I appreciate what they are doing. Seeing really great plays or seeing someone nail a ball out of the park just makes me smile (regardless of what team they are on). I played a few sports when I was younger and I can appreciate the work that the athletes put into their sport.

I have my favorite teams, but I don’t stress about them winning or losing. I just enjoying watching them play.

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I enjoy watching two highly skilled teams play an excellent game of hockey. This is a game played by my father, myself and two of my children. We all were goal tenders of varying skill.

I don’t get unduly invested in the outcomes of the games and I find it to be entertaining and occasionally cathartic.

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I usually only watch sport if there are some very attractive guys to perv at. That’s how I got into tennis and cycling. Hotness.

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got love sports!

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Because we want to, because we want to!!

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Because they want to be part of something bigger than them.For example a lot of people watches the World Cup because they know that the hole planet watches it too with them.
And watching sport is also a great way to socialize,if you go to a public place to watch a match you meet a lot of people.(It’s like in the ads sports is a universal language)
But I personally watch sports like tennis and curling because I admire the intelligence of the players

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If you don’t like sports, then don’t watch. You won’t hear any complaints from us. We won’t question or challenge your interests either.

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Because we like to see the best of the best doing what they do best!

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Because people can it appreciate when, to take football as a current example, a player manages to curve the ball into the net from a seemingly impossible angle. (Defining what people consider fun is difficult to do anyway. I can phrase anything you say you like as if it’s not that special.)

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To quote Jim McKay and Roone Arledge
“The thrill of victory and the agony of defeat”

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Anticipation releases dopamine in our heads and it makes us feel good.

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