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Which heroes' powers/skills would help you get through life smoothly?

Asked by ZEPHYRA (21408points) March 22nd, 2010

Looking at all the heroes, mythical creatures and even animals with magic powers, which of their powers or abilities would make your day run more smoothly?

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I want to desolidify.

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I want to be Samantha from Bewitched, maybe without Darren.

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X-ray vision. For relationship help, you know.

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The Hulk or the Human Torch could very quickly end a boring business meeting.

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Flying, super strength, super speed, super fighting prowess and kamahameha.
In short, being a Saiyajin. I could kill everyone and destroy everything and no one could oppose me and live.

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The superpowers of Bachman The Master Railroader Of course !!

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I want the Super Power to make food calorie-less.

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I want to have superpower like the invisible woman, and I want to be able to move fast like flash.

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Eternal youth. I’d spend 100 years getting rich, 1000 years being lazy, and then save the world.

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I want to have sex with Sylarwait, what was the question?


The Flash. I would love to have his speed and super reflexes to get through the mountain of work and chores I face each day. I’d just go “Zip, zip!” and it’s all done! Lol.

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I wouldn’t mind being a high level telepath like Charles Xavier in X-Men. I could do a lot of damage good with that skill.

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Mr. Fantastic’s smarts…or Wolverienes healing

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Mystique or morph from X-Men/Marvel. That way I can transform into whoever or whatever I please :)

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The speed and insight of Casper the friendly ghost.

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The power to turn thought into reality at will

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Invisible woman. I can do all I want and no one will know.

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I would go for mind control… are you kidding? :P

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