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How would you describe your driving style & have you always been this way or have you changed over the years?

Asked by ucme (50031points) March 23rd, 2010

Relaxed,considerate,patient.Or a seething timebomb waiting to blow at the first sign of what you consider to be bad driving?

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Generally, calm and collected . . . until a bozo ruins everything.

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Horror flick.People have screamed chickens ;)

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Fast and aggresive. Which is why I don’t drive anymore (except on a track).

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I tend to drive like a racer. Not extremely fast, but as quickly and sharply as possible without endangering me or the other passengers. I think it’s in my blood, since my uncle and cousin are drag racers.

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Oh man… I am that road rage lunatic on the road with a perfectionist outlook on driving. In NYC – people that don’t signal drive me nuts! And also those that double park – they stop in front of you THEN turn their blinkers on… now you’re stuck behind them with no room to go anywhere and no one lets you out of your trap.

I hate those people.

I drive fast and furious. Oddly – never had a speeding ticket.

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@lucillelucillelucille Fuck no, it’s Christine.

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I found myself anxiously thinking bad thoughts at slow drivers in front of me today, which was strange because I didn’t have to be anywhere, and just a few days ago, when I did have to be somewhere, I was calm, and just drove without running lights or anything.

I used to drive fast as I could. Now I drive slowly, like an old guy. Part of it is that I want to save energy. Part of it is that I don’t feel I have to be there now any more. Part of it is that I so enjoy pissing off people behind me who act like I did twenty years ago.

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I’m a more relaxed driver than when I was younger.

I lived in LA for five years and drivers there are much better than Chicago – they stop for pedestrians, don’t run red lights and 4-way stops are “You first! Please!” contests.

Those habits stuck with me.

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Relaxed and patient, which is a direct opposite from my teenage driving habits.

However: If you are a driver that doesn’t use turning signals, I hate the living shit out of you.

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I used to drive faster when I was younger, but always let people in if they signaled, moved over if they flashed their beams from behind, and took turns at busy intersections during high traffic times. Generally, I follow the rules, because the rules help us predict traffic, which makes everyone safer.

Now I drive slower, but I would not say slow, and sometimes am less aware of the traffic around me I find. When you are passing everyone, you know exactly where they are. lol. Not that I am recommending it.

Also, I always signal; every change of lane or turn. I also stick to my lane when turning! In large intersections I am always amazed how people swing wide and don’t stick to their lane.

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I drove 6 years without insurance and/or illegally. During that time, in order to avoid getting pulled over, I drove mellow and keeping within the speed limit for the most part. I’ve been legal now for quite some time, but those habits have stuck. Since I also don’t drive much, I think when I do drive I’m pretty calm and patient.

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Always on auto pilot. So I will have to ask my car.

I am like a stoned drive instructor.

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Defensive, alert and courteous. I never block driveways, I signal and look back before changing lanes or turning. I get over before I get up on someone, I’ll let you out if there is a line. I do like to go fast, but I can change lanes so I don’t bug other people who want to go slow.

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I used to be a very aggressive driver. Very fast, and “creative” in finding open spaces in traffic. Nowadays I tend to be a lot more patient and weary of getting into an accident. I still curse on the road once in a while… but I think i’ve toned down my driving a lot since my teens.

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I drive like Water. I flow with traffic, not going faster or slower, and move around obsticles easily.

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I drive reasonable but inside the car I yell at people a lot. There are so many terrible drivers that do such stupid things. I don’t think I am a better driver than everyone, I just seem to have the common sense that so many people tragically lack. But if someone is considerate to me, I will be considerate back. I am pretty by-the-book in terms of speed limits and procedure. I absolutely HATE when people speed and don’t signal.

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slow and reasonable, but occasionally hot headed and righteous.

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I drive defensively and have since my company made me take a defensive driving class in the 90s. I now do not generally drive faster than 5 over, which is a big change from the days when I was always in a hurry. (Expressway driving is sometimes an exception on the speed; my car really likes 80)

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I am the shepherd of the road. Considerate (letting other people in) and communicative (signalling always) all in an effort to shepherd everyone home safely. I’d much rather get home 15 seconds later than risk an accident fighting for a spot with someone else. It’s hilarious to me how much people will risk in order to get home 5 seconds faster than everyone else.

Assuming that everyone else on the road is a bad driver/drunk has worked out well for me. It means that I take responsibility for myself & everyone else around me and take proactive measures to ensure that they don’t harm me or anyone else.

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I am very aware of everything, watching for the other guys who don’t like to signal. I stay a car length and a half from the next car. I get in the lane that I need no less than 2 miles away from my destination so I don’t have to do that “frantic let me in” driving style that is popular in my town. I don’t speed normally because I pay enough taxes to my town and I kinda need all the money that I can hang on to.

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My driving instructor taught me to drive like @ftp901 said- that everyone needed closely watched because someone was going to do something dumb and I better be ready! I am more hesitant now and kind of scared of new driving situations. I’ve always been the polite driver.

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For the last decade I’ve pretty much always owned a Golf GTi of one type or another. I used to be fairly razzy when driving them. Now, however, I own a VW Passat & my style has calmed right down. Now I prefer to cruise than zoom.

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