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Website portfolio, what can I do better?

Asked by Azul347 (15points) March 24th, 2010

I was hoping to get some constructive feedback about my website portfolio. Where does it measure up as a graphic designer? What can I do better? Thanks!

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if i’m clicking the contact tab…i don’t want to hunt for your email address. put it front and center or at least brighten it up a bit

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Haha I just really like playing with the little glowy dots in the beginning! But anyways…you should have a little “about me” section. Helps give that personal appeal. People like to know a little about who you are!

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It looks great! The ability to go from one work to the next without closing the pop-up box would be a nice addition.

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It looks fantastic. However, I think it needs a sort of “welcome” page after entering the site.

You know, just a home page explaining what the site is, who you are, and then have links on the sidebar that connect you to the portfolio, etc.

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for my taste…

1— it needs to be faster, work on making transitions a little shorter and improve loading times.

2— the bar at the top with navigation needs to be more obvious, or it needs to have a ’‘skip intro’’ button at bottom right, because for the first 15 seconds i just sat there waiting for the ‘intro’ to end before i realized it did not actually have an intro

3— it could use some more content and maybe some more text telling you what things are and what this site is about.

4— consider making the eye picture less abstract and more realistic, someone like my father with bad eyes would read ’‘what can i symbol of some kind for you’’

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I think I realized we’re all answering the question wrong…hah.

So as far as your work, it all looks wonderful and professional. (is this more of what you were asking?)

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Thank you all very much for the responses.

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Why make people log in to see your labs? That’s one thing that drives me off a new site I am curious about.

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Any way you can make a concurrent site not in Flash? Just a thought.

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I personally feel you should make how you want and not care what we think. It’s your portfolio, not ours.

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But it’s important to get opinions from others so that you can grow as a designer.

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