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Is Japanese bug fighting legal?

Asked by Arp (3516points) March 24th, 2010

In my opinion it is totally inhumane, but is it legal? Nobody on the chat would give their opinion. Oh well, here is the link:

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It probably is because no one seems to care about lesser species like bugs and fish. I agree though, it is wrong.

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I think it is just creepy.

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@ChazMaz But somewhat entertaining… I mean, totally inappropriate and terrible!!!

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I’ve lost too much money betting on the snail fights.

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@Arp – It is terrible!

I can’t stop watching it.

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The fighting wasn’t even two bugs but I will ignore this fact. The answer is that it should be legal and is. However, there are probably all sorts of regulations about what animals you are allowed to keep in your home, etc. This is where we need some work to reduce and eliminate these regulations.

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From everything that I was able to find, it appears as though it is legal, along with cock fights and dog fights. In the case of bug fights specifically, it appears as though one can actually buy bugs from vending machines, as well. It’s pretty disgusting, but then most people are pieces of shit. ^

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This reminds me of Gladiator bug. He had the choice of dying by shoe, or fighting for his freedom in the bug arena.

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@mrentropy- Yeah, but you lose your money slowly.

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How can one be so entertained or horrified at bugs?

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If the Japanese are still illegally harpooning whales in the southern oceans and getting away with it then killing bugs would mean nothing to them.

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That’s kind of sick. What a waste of some really cool creatures.

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If it helps any, I wouldn’t hesitate to smash either of the critters if I found it in my house.

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