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Is anyone else annoyed that apple said they would have third party apps in February but then move it to march, and now we have to wait till June to actually get the apps on the phone?

Asked by stuff12 (245points) March 7th, 2008 from iPhone

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They didn’t say apps. They said SDK. I’m not annoyed.

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what types of apps would be developed?

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Yes I am disappointed!

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Apple never advertised that they were releasing apps. Eager beavers like myself pushed that rumor. Apple said that they were releasing the software development kit (SDK).... I and others assumed and hoped that apps would be released simultaneously. It is a part of being an Apple user, get used to it and quit trying to nitpick.

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Yes, I’m annoyed – but I have no right to be. It’s still the best object I’ve ever owned.

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They announced that they were delivering an SDK in February, and they missed that date by a week. By software development standards, that’s almost delivering it a month early.

If you misinterpret what Apple announces, you have only yourself to blame for the disappointment and annoyance.

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