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How do you usually express a moment of joy?

Asked by ucme (49090points) 1 month ago

Do you punch the air?
Skip a little?
Yell & laugh?
Something else…

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I do a few little, uncontrolled, dance moves.
Immediately after I (un)stretched my body (the thing one does after one wakes up).

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I also dance madly as well as sing to my dogs.

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I skateboarded for around 20 years. And actual real skateboarding. Not that long-boarding garbage. But I always did a arms down, forearm extended, downward wrist movement when landing a difficult trick. Sort of a, “nailed-it”.

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I learned to control it since having my picture taken at an art fair after winning a prize.
I had my mouth open and cannoli power all over the front of my top.

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Multiple expletives uttered in jubilant exultations!

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I tap dance something thirties & sing showtunes in the voice of Donald Duck.

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@ucme I’d pay to see that.

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@KNOWITALL Pish & tosh m’dear, my services are free of charge!

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@ucme How do you usually express a moment of joy?

An ejaculation of surprise such as eh, what or ooo.

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Sheer joy usually bring tears.

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