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What separates the women from the girls?

Asked by Just_Justine (6496points) March 25th, 2010

Women often comment that there are “men and there are boys”. So what separates the women from the girls.
This is also a fun question :)

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hare daun thare

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Maturity (wait.. that means I’m still a girl!)

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Women aren’t virgins anymore ;)

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Or wasn’t it when you get your first period

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@whyigottajoin I lost my virginity at 13, and I had my first period when I was 9.

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Women are more mature, and know what they are doing?

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We know the fairy tales are all ass backwards. No handsome prince is going to save us. We have to save ourselves, and tow him along and nurse and coddle him and do his laundry.

We know to take anything a man says with a grain of salt. If he says he loves you, he just wants in your panties. If he hates your guts he won’t tell you, and will insist nothing is wrong and stay with you anyway until something better comes along.

We know how to do 3000 things at once. I am sure some woman out there somewhere is nursing, doing dishes, talking on her cell phone and writing her dissertation.

A real woman holds her poise with the grace of a swan, even when the world is treating her like a duck.

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@whyigottajoin I’m still pretty immature though ; )
@escapedone7 I love your comment

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In the USA it is officially your 18th birthday but in Mexico it is your 12th birthday.

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Women know what they want, and speak their minds, girls don’t.

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Not a whole lot, really, besides age. I still watch disney movies like a 5 year old. You can be 50 years old and completely immature. If I had to absolutely pick something, it’d have to be ability to cope with stuff. That’s my maturity guage, I guess.

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Whining!!!! Immature girls whine.“OMG, I have to work two hours and write a paper tonight, woe is me.” While the woman has already worked 8 hours that day, will write that same paper, plus be working a little while on her business start up all that night. But she doesn’t mention it to anyone. Another thing that makes someone a woman, is she is secure enough and proud of herself, she doesn’t need other people to know how hard it may be to get where she wants to go.

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Women realize a relationship is an equal partnership, with compassion, sacrifice, compromise and gratitude needed from both parties.

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Well, I know I can recognise the difference, however I’m not quite sure what that difference constitutes. It seems to happen sometime in the mid 20’s, it’s probably just a cumulative effect of the years giving a more lived-in appearance….. Sorry if I’ve made women sound like a house.

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Women know how to fuck, I mean boy do they know,wheras girls just get fucked kind of.

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@ucme “kind of” hee hee hee

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A girl becomes a woman when others, both men and women, regard her as such. It is emotional and intellectual maturity, not age or sexual maturity.

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When a girl becomes a woman, she becomes a B.I.T.C.H!

Three guys and a lady were sitting at the bar talking about their professions.

The first guy says “I’m a Y.U.P.P.I.E, you now….
Young, Urban, Professional, Peaceful; Intelligent; Ecologist”

The second guy says “I’m a D.I.N.K, you know….
Double Income, No Kids.” The third guy says, “I’m a R.U.B., you know…. Rich, Urban, Biker.”

They turn to the woman and ask her, “What are you?”
She replies: “I’m a WIFE, you know….Wash, Iron, Fuck, Etc.”

So, just exactly what is a BITCH?

I – IN

So ladies, next time somebody calls you a bitch…....


And say Thank You!

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A girl will bocome a women after 15 yrs

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@blinkErri A girl will bocome a women after 15 yrs

After fifteen years of what? Practicing walking in high heels?

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“What separates the women from the girls?”

A stiff fine and serious prison time.

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Girls kick and scream, women slap and bitch.

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Girls are all giggly & silly, playing with their mobile phones every two minutes, all they seem to say is OMG, OMG, OMG, REALLY, REALLY, SHUT’UP, NOooooo WAY!!!!
A woman on the other hand carries herself well can actually hold a conversation without hiding behind her hand, dresses well & generally just more composed, they both still play games though, I guess none of us ever really grows up! :-/

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When you know you have had enough to drink without falling over.

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@DarkScribe :After 15 yrs girls are matured.

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Extreme bitchiness….?

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When you know what you want, how to obtain it, & who you really are.

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Estrogen levels?

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I was thinking a woman looks at the world, and the men in that world, and knows what she wants, until I read escapedone7’s answer. Now I’m thinking maybe they just want their partner in life to be a true mature man or a woman. I like my inner child, but I know when he has to step aside and let the mature me stand up.

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Girls need to be taken care of. A woman can take care of herself.

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@blinkErri DarkScribe :After 15 yrs girls are matured.

As both a guy who has both total recall with regard to my teen dating years and as a father of five girls – I’ll tell you that you have no clue as what constitutes maturity in a woman. (It ain’t fifteen years – boobs or no boobs.)

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The size of our boy’s toys, baby! We have our standards, you know :)

@escapedom damn, yer name didn’t come up QUACK!

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dignity, same as with men

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@DarkScribe Conversely, I think a girl becomes a woman when she regards herself as one.

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@iphigeneia DarkScribe Conversely, I think a girl becomes a woman when she regards herself as one.

They start insisting that they are mature at around nine years of age. You sure about that?

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@DarkScribe Actually, yes. But then again, I don’t see it as a transformation that occurs only once. I think that womanhood is a state of mind.

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@iphigeneia I think that womanhood is a state of mind.

Ma Barker was a woman-hood.

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And Gun Moll Annie

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There is no specific age.
I was over 21, married and had a child and I’m not sure I was yet fully a woman.
Society and reproduction said that I was, in my heart, I don’t think so.

The transformation was difficult. Much sweat, and tears and joy and heartache later, I did realize that yes I was a woman now. I was proud of that maturity, and the wisdom that came with it.

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Puberty, I guess.
Its really a hard thing to say. So many Adults act like Children these days. Its hard to draw a line, really.

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@meagan That’s because we had to raise our parents. We’re just starting to catching up, now that we are adults.

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@phillis Do you mind going into detail with that? Not saying youre wrong. Just intrigued.

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Good question. I don’t really know the answer. I think we just wake up one day and realise that we are no longer a girl. I think I was about 23.

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Personal responsibility and personal accountability.

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Sure! It doesn’t apply across the board, of course. But for the majority of us, we had to spend a lot of time catering to our parents, which was forced upon us in the form of many guises (mostly in the form of the guilt-inducing “You owe me because I have given so much to you” emotional blackmail comments).

Most of us spent our childhoods cajoling our parents, fetching things, being the TV channel changer or rabbit ear antenna, or emotionally supporting them in countless ways every day of our lives. The “children are people, too” movement is our post-Spock retort to those days. That movement wasn’t born out of a sudden cosmic epiphany. It was born out of being fed up and tired of playing the parent.

We wanted more for our children than what we had. Think of this child-friendly movement as millions adults who finally realized they had the power to say, “I am SO done with your emotional blackmail! No more for me, thanks!” and sent to the children-are-to-be-seen-and-not-heard crowd.

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Girls (or boys) think others are responsible for things to change.

Women (or men) think they are part of a group responsible for things to change.

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I would be happy to.

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Maturity and intelligence

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Some people never grown up. Some people grow up too soon. A woman is when a woman feels she is no longer a girl – a trauma, a responsibility, a true love…all of these can open one’s eyes. I believe comfort within one’s body and with one’s mind and a certain clarity about the world and your goals is what makes one an adult, separate from their younger counterparts.

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir fantastic @everyone thanks for the great insights and answers. :)

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I think it is maturity of mind marked by a willingness to confront life responsibly.

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Why does it have to be either/or. Once puberty is reached, females are whatever they choose to be at the moment. I am a woman, sometime. Other times, I’m still just a little girl.

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@escapedone7 This truth hurts, but it is [my] truth nonetheless. Great answer!!

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Yeah and if I composed such a comprehensive, sweeping championing of male-ness, including such snide, generalising critique of women‘s desires and behaviours, I’d be beaten to death with handbags bef—chauvinist!—ore anyone could say… oh.

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@The_Idler Oh really? Spankings are happening in pm. If you want a turn get in line.

You are so right. Sweeping generalizations never happen on fluther. I broke protocol.

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Not all men are bad. I am getting a crush on @BoBo1946 !

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Women cope better and know when to complain. Girls complain about every little thing. Mostly.

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@meagan I hit puberty when I was 9
@blinkErri 15?? I was in high school, doing drugs when i was 15. I couldn’t even drive yet.

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Big girl toys

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Wow, the contrast between this question and the man and boy question is resounding. I don’t know if this is such a good thing.

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@HTDC that’s because females are better and more mature than males ~. Didn’t you know that?

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Girls are insecure
Women are secure

Girls use sloppy emotionality to manipulate and get their way
Women use wisdom, grace and diplomacy, never sink to sloppy out of control displays of emotion

Girls are petty, jealous and needy
Women are kind, confident and strong

Girls feel lost and unseen without relationships to mirror themselves with
Women are at home within themselves, whole and complete and do not need external validation

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May I add another facet to the conversation that might clarify the topic? When a girl becomes a woman is not solely based on physical development. Age certainly comes into play.

What several people are referring to on this thread is the difference between a woman and a lady. A female can be a woman at the age of 50, but not be considered a lady like someone at 30, 20 or even 15 could be.

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Women are not as naive as girls are. They’ve gone through experiences and learned lessons to get to where they are.

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A girl becomes a woman on the day that she stops hanging shit from her rear-view mirror….

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Not me, I guess. Who wants to be a grown-up anyway?

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A girl dresses to feel sexy, a woman knows she is sexy, no matter what she wears.

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