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Can pet birds be house trained?

Asked by Theby (998points) March 25th, 2010

I am considering getting a cockatiel and am wondering if it is possible to get them to pooh in the same place always. I have heard this is possible but would like to hear from anyone who has managed to train their bird in this way.

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Yes, but I have never been able to get them to be 100%. Just don’t keep them from their “cage” for extended periods and you should remain spot free. Cockatiels are amazing pets and my favorite of pet birds.

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That’s what I hear. I can’t do it with my African gray, though, because she refuses to be off of me once I have her. The cockatoo has a pretty good record of flying back to his cage, though.

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My 5YO ‘tiel is tame and well handled as often as possible. It’s very seldom that I get dropped on when the it is being handled or engaged. It usually does it’s business while on it’s perch.

We just acquired a pair of parakeets over the weekend and I just broken them. They’re now used to being handled and out of the cage and not fly-off in all directions. When they get bored interacting, they now just fly back to the cage and hop around from perch to perch. Initially, they were pooping all the time while being handled. That’s probably similar to people who “crap in their pants” when they get nervous or scared.

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It’s possible. I have one that is pretty good, and one that will never be house trained.

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I’ve got a 28 yr old Amazon that I’ve had 10 months. He likes to sit on the edge of tables, chairs,etc. I place a small newspaper directly under the area where he’s sitting,and he’s learned what it’s there for. If no paper is available,he hurries to get to his cages or runs for a designated newspaper. I used to have 4 places where newspapers were down,and now there are 2,so he’s doing very well. He’s had only one accident, and he let me know when he started yelling ‘uh oh’.

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I’ve house-trained a cockatiel. The younger you start, the better, and it takes patience, but it is very liberating in terms of how much time you can spend with your pet without worrying about getting soiled.

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My chinese gander ‘Marwyn’ is semi- housetrained.

Can be inside for 30 minutes or so without an issue.

Considering waterfowl have very simple digestive systems and poo on average every 8 minutes…he’s 3 times more controlled than the avaerage goose! lol

Of course, you can buy ‘duck diapers’ ...maybe when he’s 20. haha

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@Coloma I’m just curious: Is what’s good for the goose good for the gander?

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Hah! Absolutely!

My goose…he’s the cats meow.

Best kept goose in america!

Has his own pewter Corona bucket, gets organic dendelion greens from Raleys, knows how to charm his way into my bread basket! lol

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