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On facebook if you comment on someone's post then delete it are they still notified that you wrote it in the first place?

Asked by raven2783 (119points) March 25th, 2010


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Yes, but when they click on the notification, it takes them to a page that says the comment is no longer available.

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But if you get notified via email you can still see what they wrote.

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It’s a game of how fast Facebook is running. If you catch them on a slow day, then you probably won’t get the email notification if you signed up for those.

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Also, it’s best not to even write something you would have to delete later in the first place. Sounds like a recipe for dramazz

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Yeah you get an email like Mrentropy said. You can read exactly what they typed. ‘You about to be in hot water? ;)

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@fyoz and meagan
no hot water ! haha. someone posted they just got a job. and i asked ‘coffee shop?’ but then i thought it would be more creative to put a certain sentence in here, which is an anagram bot that spits out a different sentence using the same words in the one you wrote and sometimes it is hilariously funny. go to it and try your name and see what it says. here’s an example:

webuser: sternest meanings
sternest: Gem transientness.

anyway i thought it would be better to post something more creative instead of what i originally wrote.

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@raven2783 Here’s my example:

webuser: I like cheese
sternest: Eh! I sleek ice.

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I am?
I mean.. yes, of course I am.

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Ahh! Okay!

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