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What am I doing wrong, career wise? Graphic designer feels black balled by industry?

Asked by MekmanSupreme (35points) March 26th, 2010

Career wise: Trying to make work, work for me. Is it my thinking or does the world simply hate me. I am very capable at my profession, but I am culled and marred by my industry and contemporaries. Help!

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I feel like I need more information – I am not familiar with the words ‘culled’ and ‘marred’ – can you explain more?

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I noticed the word “pariah.” Are you saying they ostracize you? How are your relationships (w/co-workers, boss, peers in the industry)? Also, how new are you to your industry?

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The world probably just hates you. He’s been such a grumpy planet since that whole Cambrian explosion thing. I wonder if he still celebrates his birthday.

In somewhat more seriousness, if you want useful advice, I think we’re going to need a bit more info here. What’s your trade? What difficulties do you run into?

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I used to work as a graphic designer, living in Manhattan my home town. I had a falling out with the managers of the agency that provided the work and could not find work else where even though I had a resume with extensive experience.

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I can get interviews I preview my work often before I show up, I dress the part, but I often get passed over. What’s the deal? I’ve been out of work for quite a while and had to take many odd jobs over the course of three years.

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I do not abuse drugs alcohol sleep around etc. Maybe I should include these hobbies into my mostly vanilla life style to make myself more visible. Also has not had a lady friend in the longest. I assume working and dating are related.

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Many graphic designers work are self-employed, just a thought.

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Learn how to lie more convincingly. It helps a lot.

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blackballed? check who you’re providing as references, make sure you know what they’re saying. stop listing your previous job (the falling out one). look to do some freebie work, that will add some contemporary stuff to your portfolio. try selling yourself as a freelancer (job by job rather than full time employ). Also look far and wide as a freelancer, not just locally.

Anyway, don’t know how much of it will help, the job market isn’t so great just now, but good luck.

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I actually feel that my hire-ability has a lot to do with my “date-ability,” since nearly every human resources rep I met has been a young female.

I don’t fit the visual preference of a tall slender “fauxhemian” male (not that there is anything wrong with that) that young women want moving around their offices, although I am very talented, self taught and trained in the fine arts and have been utilized in the past for my innate ability to conceptualize and put down on to paper what people want. I have been black balled for sure, I should learn to be a better liar, but lies catch up to me. So I opt out that often especially when seeking out work.

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Why would a graphic designer want to work at an agency in this day and age? Freelance designers are busy as hell doing smaller projects for local smaller businesses. Every independent designer I work with is super busy. They hire me for a lot of photography work.

Everything medical is big right now. Doctors, Surgeons, Med-Stops are very open to revamping their web sites and print collateral’s at a savings that big agencies cannot offer. Senior Living and Convellescent homes are needing your services too. Dentists!

Law Firms and Tax Consultants have been good clients as well.

But one thing I’ve noticed about independent designers is, they all do print and web work. Hopefully you’ve used this downtime to expand your capabilities to include both mediums. You’ll get left behind if you don’t keep up.

You get to play Art Director, Creative Director, and Designer. You’ll also have to play Book Keeper too. You can also write and shoot photos if you can, but there are enough freelancers available that you can build a good team.

To begin building your network, join a local business commerce association. You’ll get a dozen clients immediately. Put three ads a day on Craigslist offering your services morning, noon, and night. Saturate Craigslist among many different categories.

Better get your website up and running! Don’t over think things and you’ll be working faster than you can blink. Over think things and you’ll be asking this same question a year from now.

You don’t have to look like a big agency. You could make a killing by marketing yourself as just the opposite and base your business model on personal service and relationships rather than the Big Deal.

I’ve been a freelancer for 35 years and wouldn’t dream of working for an agency.

Good Luck!

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