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How is Bing better than Google?

Asked by mirifique (1537points) March 26th, 2010

I really don’t get it. And want to know why.
And I’m not saying Bing is necessarily better, but I just hear this a lot from people, and don’t get how it’s an improvement on Google.

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It’s more of a preference to me. Bing has a little bit of a different layout in terms of their search results than Google. Some people like this better.

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Now that Microsoft has declared its intention to continue to help the Mainland Chinese government to censor the web, I would choose to boycott Bing and support Google on moral grounds. Any perceived advantage that Bing might hold seems trivial to me when compared to such bad corporate behavior.

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Bing isn’t better, it’s just overgrown. I don’t really get the new advertising since I don’t notice Bing finding me more relevant search results. If I want to book a hotel, I will use a hotel search engine.

Both search engines find good results, but I feel that Google finds better results. If I look something up that a friend mentioned, like a restaurant, Google manages to find the exact restaurant as the first result with very little information. Bing usually takes some cajoling, and throws it in there with other like-named restaurants.

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it’s supposed to cut out all the blah blah and just give you the top relevant results… riiiiight

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It has better marketing. Beyond that, it’s not.

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Try and find out for yourself which is better.

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It has a shorter name for starts! And…umm….I don’t know…. ummm….a shorter name? Anything else?

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Ditto on the China issue

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