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How do I fix a problem with my bathroom window?

Asked by hetar_institute (21points) December 14th, 2006
any home improvement junkies out there? we have a bathroom window that is made up of horizontally mounted glass "slats" that rotate up and down with a handle mounted on the right-hand side. i have two problems: 1) there is a metal bracket in which each piece of glass is mounted on both sides. I can i simply solder in a new one? do i need to weld? 2) where can i buy a piece of replacement glass? do hardware stores cut pieces of window glass? or 3) is it cheaper/easier to have the ENTIRE unit replaced? aaaaaaah!
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I'm not sure about the soldering/welding problem, but I would think that soldering would work. Hardware stores do, indeed, cut window glass to size. I haven't seen this kind of window unit around for a long time. So, I don't know if you CAN replace the whole thing. But I'm sure a new window would be much more expensive than replacing the single glass.

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A new window would cost 350.00 to 500.00 installed. Good infomation on vinyl windows its a blog.

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