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Would you make a good ambassador for the town where you now live?

Asked by ucme (46863points) March 28th, 2010

Do you work in & for the community?Would you be an able speaker to aid or promote it’s profile?Do you care enough about where you live to feel able if called upon, to represent it’s residents?Is there a strong sense of community spirit or is it a case of dog eat dog?

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I don’t want anyone else to move here. It’s perfect the way it is.
You can visit, but then you need to go on home.

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No. I ABHOR Los Angeles. I moved here after college two years ago, and once my lease is up I’m getting the f*** out. (Sooner if I get a great job somewhere, but for sure in Nov. with or without a job).

I warn all my friends graduating after me who want to come out not to. And I feel like Arnold’s, “Come live with us” commercials should add a disclaimer Except in Los Angeles

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Yes I would.

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No. I live in NYC. And here, it’s pretty much Brooklyn against Manhattan. The other three boroughs don’t figure in that fight. People in Queens are too busy trying to raise a family and make a living to care whether or not they represent anything, the Bronx has being the original home of Hip-Hop to not bother and Staten Island residents always have a kerfuffle about leaving the city about once a decade.

I’d be the ambassador for London, and no mistake. I love that town. I’m not even English. They need me to do it? No problem. I can even put on a good middle class accent if necessary.

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I can’t stand Politically Correct bullshit, which is exactly what the sheeple around here enjoy the most, even if it is less than honest. The truth is, every place has good and not-so-good. If they are merely visiting, then great! There’s plenty around here that is interesting, and that we are proud of. If they want to move here, they deserve to know everything.

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I would make a very good ambassadore for my community. I would point out all the great things about it and discuss how to improve the things that aren’t that great.

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