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Where can I buy hard-to-find dvd's?

Asked by shpadoinkle_sue (7188points) March 28th, 2010

I’ve been trying to find Road to Wellville online. It’s out of print and I guess that means it won’t be cheap. I looked on amazon and ebay and I’m holding out that I can find it somewhere cheaper. Probably not, but is there a place that I’ve missed?

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I use Google Products when I need to buy something out of print. It’s an aggregate of all online stores.

Here is the Road to Wellville in it.

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Facets is a great source for out-of-the-mainstream movies.

Here is Road to Wellville

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sorry i didn’t read description XD.

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Amoeba records/tapes/Dvds

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Well, maybe find someone with a Netflix subscription?

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@buckyboy28 – Thanks for that! I finally found a copy of Cool as Ice on DVD.

yes, I intentionally am going to watch the Vanilla Ice movie….

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try ebay and flea markets. Always interesting stuff on ebay and at flea markets. Be careful and look at what you buy and who you are buying it from. Look at the condition of the packaging.

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@brownlemur: If you like Cool as Ice you might also like these movies:

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