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What is your position on puppy dumping on the highways? How can people do that?

Asked by ZEPHYRA (20851points) March 28th, 2010

I saw a litter of puppies dumped on the highway today and for hours I could not get over the view of the tiny creatures sitting there in fear, abandoned and probably hungry and terrified of the cars whizzing by. Is there no other way to get rid of unwanted animals?

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You saw it actually happen or you just saw the puppies there? I agree, how could someone do that? I hope you reported it.

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So you’re saying that you saw them… got emotionally distressed by seeing them there.. but didn’t do anything about it?
tiny creatures sitting there in fear, abandoned and probably hungry and terrified of the cars whizzing by.

Why wouldn’t you stop and pick them up?
Or call the police/animal control to get them instead of just thinking about them?

That’s just as bad as abandoning them.

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You mean some people are AGAINST that!! Seriously?

no, not seriously

So, are you keeping them or trying to give them away?

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My position? My position is you should have stopped for them. And people who would do such a thing should have the same done to them.

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No, I did not see the actual dumping. I just saw the poor little sods sitting there! I stopped at a nearby police station but their answer was that it is not up to them to do anything about it!

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So why didn’t you stop and pick them up?
Why didn’t you call someone to get them?

Where did you have to be that you were so busy that you had to leave them there in obvious danger?
Once again, that’s just as cruel as whoever abandoned them in the first place.

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People who abandon animals (whether on the side of the road, or returning them to the shelter or store) are predators. They have no idea the difference between a whim and a want.

It would feel very nice to punch their teeth out.

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I doubt anyone on here has a position other than it’s horribly cruel and wrong.

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I have several positions on this issue. First, this is a despicable act and one that I would never engage in. Two, I would have stopped and picked up the puppies and found a home for them. Three, if I found out who dumped the puppies and I had a chance to confront them, I would promptly shatter their kneecaps with a baseball bat or dip them in a vat of boiling oil.


It’s abhorrent. I would have stopped my car by the roadside, put on my emergency lights, and go get them and bring them home with me. Next, I would bring them to the vet, have them checked out for any signs of abuse, and take care of them properly until I found good homes for them. They need extra care and love, especially after being abandoned like that.

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I can’t help but wonder what would reduce someone to such a level. I try to put myself if the situation and even then I think I would try to find them adoptions or decent homes to live in. I can’t ever imagine myself dumping an animal like that in my responsibility off on the side of the road somewhere in a box. Someone once did the same thing right in the parking lot of where I work. A box full of two kittens was left – luckily, one of my coworkers took them both.

Here’s an embarrassing confession: May sound corny but the issue of animal cruelty/neglect was very well depicted in a fairly-recent Pixar movie, Bolt. A cat breaks down after being caught and taken to the pound about having to sit there and endure a mundane and painful life in a cage because she isn’t “pretty” and “cuddly” enough to be taken into a good human home; no one wants her. I remember breaking a tear…

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I have more than once stopped to pick up lost or abandoned animals on the highway. It’s not so hard. Did you have an important subsequent engagement?

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I’ve never seen it but don’t understand why people do that rather than make a drive to an animal shelter instead. It still seems strange to me some people really don’t feel repulsion or empathy for what might happen to the animals once struck and mangled but maybe that’s the point, maybe the people who do these abandonings are hoping for a tragic end to living things.

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Next time, STOP and collect them, OK? Then call the shelter and ask what to do to keep them alive and healthy.

I hope the poor animals have been found and brought to safety.

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My best dog was a stray rescue I found. No WAY could I leave any dumped animal. U-turn be damned! Those pups would have been in my car faster than you could say flea powder and worm shots.

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I’m against it.

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Since I know a lot of real dregs of society I could tell you at least one person’s reasoning, or at least how he explained it to me when we debated it. However I don’t believe you want to know how sick and twisted minds really work. It’s morbidly fascinating, but you know what Nietzsche said about fighting monsters. “if you gaze long into the abyss, the abyss also gazes into you.” Do you really want to know how such people think?

I guess I will just abbreviate it down to this. Sociopaths often lack empathy, and some warning signs are animal cruelty and blatant disregard for the law, among other things. When you see someone doing something like dumping these animals, it is illegal. The person most likely has no empathy, repeatedly breaks the law, and most likely is probably doing much worse things than dumping puppies. Call in their license plates, description, and the incident to the cops immediately. You’ll be doing the world a favor.

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It’s wrong and they need to pay for it.

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@escapedone7 Thanks that is extremely good advice, and every word of it true.

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Dispicable. People do that because they’re stupid, ignorant, and lack compassion.

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I think whoever did that should be dumped and put out on the side of the highway.

Ranger is right though, why the f**k didn’t you pick them up and get them out of that situation ? That is horrible

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Still no answer as to why he/she didn’t stop. you really should have.

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@XOIIO Probably feels really guilty now as to why she didn’t pick them up and doesn’t like thinking about that.

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Yeah. To bad for the puppies, I hope someone else picked them up.

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Jesus! I am so glad you didn’t take that problem on like it was your own, like by picking them up and saving their lives. I am so glad there are folks like you! Stupid puppies. Bad dogs!!

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If it was me who had seen them. They would have been home with our dogs until we could find them a better place unless of course we got attached and had to keep them :-)

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I walked through the park while I ate my lunch and saw a homeless guy who was really hungry and thought about sharing it, but didn’t

Anyone who saw these puppies and didn’t take them or get them out of there is just as much as fault for them being there as the person who put them there to begin with.

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It’s heartbreaking.

I saw this happen once, just as the other car was driving off. I didn’t hesitate to stop my car and grab the four puppies. I took them to my moms house and put an ad on Craigslist the next day. The puppies were fine and were all adopted within two weeks. Luckily I had gotten them right when it happened. I just wish I could have found the car who dropped them off….I probably would have smashed it in.

If this EVER happens again, please stop and pick up the animals…

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I’m in favor of it. I think more puppies should be dumped on highways! (Fluther is too homogeneous; we needed someone to stand up for the other side.)

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Came across this video this morning. It shows what happens after a dog is dumped. The dog ends up with a happy ending!! I had to say that ahead of time before you watch it because I feel awful for this dog. I have a hard time watching it and I think it helps to know it’s not all awful. If anyone has ever thought about abandoning a pet anywhere, stop for a moment to think about the hell it will go through.

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@lfino How corny was that?

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@ EVERYONE : I was in another town, not on my way home for a couple of days, I had people with me and it was not convenient at that time. I AM tragically sorry about it and I did take the time to go to a police station to report it or at least ask them to call the local animal shelter. There are times when we REALLY DO WANT TO HELP but honestly can’t.
I would think that most of the “shooting” and criticizing would go to the idiot who did what he did, why am I the target of all this criticizm?
Incidentally, I live in an apartment(not the most appropriate place for a litter of pups).
I wish I had been in the position to help, but I really don’t think that every tragic case we see can be saved by all of us. I TRULY AM SORRY.

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I have abandonment issues when it comes to pets. If I were on a bike or motorcycle and unable to safely carry them,I would have made some calls and stayed with them until I was assured they were safe. I would not have been able to drive off with no resolve.

@lfino Thanks for the link with the happy ending. I’m not certain how many happy endings come out of shelters so I’ll definetly pass it along.

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it was not convenient at that time.


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@XOIIO, you felt like that video was corny? In what possible way?

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When I first read this question I thought,why would a puppy want to take a shit on the highway? Unless the little fella had a death wish.I fucking despise lowlife scum who act like this.Hopefully for those losers what comes around goes around.

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I once picked up a cat off of I5 by Harris Ranch on my way from moving back to L.A. Talk about not convenient. The cat had a collar and we called the number. Turns out the cat got out of an RV and ran off. My inconvienience saved a life and reunited a couple with their beloved pet.

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@ZEPHYRA , As soon as I read your question, I already assumed/knew you were not in a position to do a rescue. Not everyone is.

The people who pointed fingers at you are just armchair moralists. Everyone should be assumed to be doing everything they can, until they are observed doing otherwise. And that’s when finger-pointing should come in, but not prior.

The real enemies are: people who abandon animals, and people who breed animals that are already overpopulated.

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Bullshit. Armchair? People are capable of anything, for good or bad.

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