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Suggestions for a Computer backpack?

Asked by Tedclintoon (4points) March 28th, 2010

I need suggestions for a computer backpack to fit my 17” laptop. Other things I may carry in my laptop include:

Power cords
2–3 notebooks
Flash stick

Budget is not a huge constraint, especially if it’s a known brand. However, I would ideally like to keep it under $250.

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Can’t beat booq, in my opinion. I’ve found Timbuk2 to make some nice backpacks, though, if you’re more into that look.

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I don’t really get the need for a special laptop backpack. Laptops are so slim these days it fits just fine in any backpack. I’ve never had a special laptop bag, certainly never dropped 250 bucks on one lol!, and have never broken a laptop in transport either. And I have taken them on some pretty long trips across entire oceans.

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